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Today would have been JRR Tolkien’s birthday, so here’s a remake of the Hobbit trailer using footage from the 1977 animated film

A version that for me, will always be superior, no matter what Peter Jackson pulls out of his ass.

And now, watch this guy eat Denny’s entire Hobbit menu in 20 minutes

…Jamie consumed about 156 ounces (9.75 pounds) of food and drink and 8610 calories (more than four times the average person’s 2000 calorie intake). And that’s not counting the ketchup. The healthiest item Jamie ate? Bilbo’s Berry Smoothie, which is only 230 calories… The worst item? The Ring Burger, which is a whopping 1420 calories (840 from fat).


Red Letter Media offers their opinions on The Hobbit

I really enjoyed The Hobbit, even though I still think it might have been better as one movie instead of three. But this is a RLM review, so they’re going to crap all over whatever you thought of the film. While they’re not entirely correct in this review, it is fucking hilarious.

Lego builds a massive full-sized Lego Hobbit hole


Made with 2 million 1x1 bricks, this full scale Hobbit hole with characters from The Hobbit is big enough to walk around in and it even has a smoking chimney. It’s a giant-sized replica of an actual Lego set you can buy called 'The Unexpected Gathering'.

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IHC Movie Reviews: The Hobbit (2012)

Here it is, boys and girls. Outside of Broadway fans and Tarantino aficionados, The Hobbit is pretty much the last greatly anticipated movie of the year. After years of back and forth over production, directors, and cast, it’s all finally come together and while it may be a while before we see the whole product, we at least get a decent chunk to whet our appetites. The question is, has all the eager anticipation paid off, or are we faced with perhaps the biggest disappointment in the history of movie adaptations?

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Brilliant movie mashup that I keep forgetting to post: The Goonies + The Hobbit

It works so well and it just keeps getting better.

And now, here’s Gandalf the Gray playing bagpipes while riding a unicycle

Of course it’s in Portland. Even Gandalf has no defense against the creeping weirdness in Portland.

More photos from The Hobbit with some nasty looking goblins and trolls

We’ve seen Bilbo and dwarves and whatnot, but check out these goblins and trolls from The Hobbit. Those are some scary looking customers.

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And in more Hobbit news: Balloon buff builds Bilbo’s “Bag End” because balloons! 

2600 balloons - 3 days: a highly detailed hobbit hole. 


Archaeologists banned from calling hominid group “Hobbits”

Because of their diminutive size, scientists and laypeople alike have gotten into the habit of referring to the ancient hominids Homo floresiensis as “Hobbits”. The hominids stood about 3 and a half feet tall, making them perfect hobbit size. But now the company that owns the film right to “The Hobbit” has demanded scientists stop calling them hobbits. Hobbits.

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Check out the third Hobbit TV spot

It’s only 30 seconds, but chock full of action, including a fainting Bilbo. I hope there’s a fainting Bilbo action figure in the works. With real fainting action.

An Unexpected Briefing: Air New Zealand’s new Hobbit themed safety dance video

Okay okay New Zealand we get it… you’re super excited that you’re the filming location for all of the recent Tolkien movies. That being said, this is pretty fucking cool.

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