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Eleventh Doctor takes unspecified role in fifth Terminator film

In the fifth Terminator film, alternatively called ‘Terminator: Genesis’ and just ‘Terminator’, Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith has been cast in an unknown but “major” role for the next three Terminator films. He’ll be joining Emilia Clarke (as Sarah Connor), Jason Clarke (as John Connor), Jai Courtney (as Kyle Reese), Day Okeniyi (as Danny Dyson) and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Emilia Clarke, “that hot naked dragon chick from Game of Thrones” cast as Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genesis

The next chapter in the Terminator movie franchise, Terminator: Genesis, will be hitting theaters in summer 2015, and leading the film will be Emilia Clarke, best known up to this point as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, also known to those who have never seen GoT as “that hot chick with the dragons that shows her boobs a lot”. Clarke will be playing Sarah Connor, mother of John Connor, the guy who saves humanity from the Terminator menace. 

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In bid to preemptively prevent Skynet, UN considering ban on “killer robots”

Despite the blatant fear mongering inherent in repeatedly referring to automated weapons as “killer robots” — it seems the UN is poised to ban soulless murder machines before they can become a fully-formed reality. The new resolution would ensure that humans, who have an impeccable record of executing prudent judgment while dispensing violent force, have final control of targeting decisions.

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New Terminator film will be the first of a trilogy reboot

Because when I think of film franchises that need to be redone, I always think ‘Terminator’. Obviously. James Cameron’s first two Terminator films, in 1984 and 1991 were just too fucking good that Hollywood wants to reboot the films starring who knows. Oh, it will star Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator? Really old, saggy, phoning it in just waiting to die Arnold? How is this better? Paramount apparently wants to crank out at least two films before the rights revert to James Cameron, because fuck that guy, what has he ever done for the franchise?



Arnold Schwarzenegger is on board for Terminator 5 and 6

Just so you’re not confused, Arnold Schwarzenegger is absolutely on board for lots more action movies until his body wears out and his old man moobs take over. It looks like that Schwarzenegger will be on board for at least two more Terminator movies, so there’s that.

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Wired solicits two pitches for a new Terminator movie

Just because Arnold’s not going to be doing a new Terminator movie, or so I think, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about a glorious return of the franchise. Wired wrote two people in Hollywood, Paul WS Anderson (Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Three Musketeers) and Damon Lindelof (Lost, Star Trek, Cowboys and Aliens) to come up with two separate pitches.

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Morning music videos: “Terminator 2”

Awesome stop-motion, awesome hand drawn animation, chiptunes AND Terminator? This shit is awesomer than awesome.


So who’s coming back for Terminator 5? How about… everybody.

Last week, we told you about how Schwarzzaneggar was coming back to movies and how he had agreed to do Terminator 5. But as it turns out, Terminator 5 could be like Terminator Reunion on Ice. Everybody’s coming back. Well, I don’t know about everybody everybody, like the guys who tried to beat Arnold’s ass in the bar when he strolls in buck-ass naked in Terminator 1, but a lot of people.

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Arnold signed to star in Terminator 5: Sag of the Old Man Boobs

After all the speculation, it does look like that Arnold Schwarzaneggar will be returning to the Termintor franchise to star in a fifth Terminator movie. Because Rise of the Robots and Salvation were such good reasons to keep going that we just have to have an even older and saggier Terminator. Why not comedies? Why not Twins 2? That would be something to be excited about.

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If you can read this, Skynet hasn’t brought about the beginning of the end of the world

At 8:11 PM April 19th, Skynet became self-aware. And on April 21st, Judgment Day begins. So if you’re currently reading this without seeing mushroom clouds, consider yourself lucky for now. Perhaps it’s starting on the other side of the globe and the media has been blacked out because of the destruction. Or maybe… it’s waiting.

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Kickstarter project wants to rewrite Terminator 2 using Shakespeare

James Cameron, back when he was doing cool movies, did a kick-ass sequel to the original Terminator film. You may have heard of it, I think it was called something like “Terminator 2”. It was a pretty excellent movie, but what if it had been written by William Shakespeare? 

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