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CES 2013: Samsung unveils its ginormous 85” 4K television with floating frame design

That groundbreaking, world-changing TV that Samsung was teasing about pre-CES was finally unveiled today, and it is stunning if you’ve got the cash. It’s got an 85 inch screen, incredible 4K resolution and it sits on a minimalistic frame that hides a 120 watt 2.2 speaker system, so you can swivel the screen. Is it a TV that’s going to change the world? No, but it is pretty.


Samsung teases “unprecedented” new TV for CES

CES is just over a week away, and Samsung is already teasing a TV set they say will change the face of TV FOREVER. Now that everyone and their grandmother knows Apple is working on its own game-changing TV, every electronics company on the planet is trying in some way to beat Apple to the punch, and Samsung thinks this magical TV of the future might be it.

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Report: Apple TV will have Siri, FaceTime camera and AirPlay

It looks like Apple is getting ever so closer to the mythical Apple TV set that people have been talking about for years. Cult of Mac claims that they’ve seen a prototype of the design (above), making it look like a large iMac-like television. The iTV would also use Siri as a control interface, have a built-in FaceTime camera and have AirPlay integrated.

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Boxfish real-time TV search might revolutionize how you want television

All cable boxes these days have built-in channel guides, and Google wanted to let you search more effectively for programs with Google TV. But Boxfish is doing something different and genius— taking closed captioning information from every TV show on your box and making it indexable, searchable and discoverable in real time.

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Study finds that no one really wants a smart TV or a 3D TV

Despite company’s best efforts, it looks like that as of yet, not many people are interested in either smart TVs or 3D TVs. Even though many of the higher end televisions one can buy these days come with some sort of smart TV OS, only about 50% of smart TV owners even have their sets connected to the internet. 

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Is Google working on an Apple TV-like Google TV box?

With TVs bundled with Google TV software not doing all that well in terms of sales, there are rumors that Google might be working on a small Apple TV-like plug-in box that would be a cheaper alternative to a full on smart TV, allowing people to turn their existing TVs into Google TV sets.

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CES 2012: Screw normal 3D TV… this is virtual holographic TV

Yesterday, we showed you the mind controlled TV set OF THE FUTURE from Haier, and today we’ve got this spiffy virtual holographic television set from TCL. Screw wearing 3D glasses… this TV set offers up a 3DS-like inset holographic glasses-free TV, so it’s like having all your porn in a little living shadowbox. 

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CES 2012: Haier’s mind-controlled TV set OF THE FUTURE

There’s lots of new TVs at CES this year, mainly of the thin and smart variety, but one company, Haier, is showing off a television set you control with your mind. Yup… fuck having a remote or any of that other old tech shit. In the future, TV will work just like Gozar the Destroyer… you think about something and it becomes manifest to destroy you.

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Ubuntu is bringing smart TV and other consumer products to CES

At CES next week, as far as I can tell, much of the consumer product focus will be on smart TVs, super thin TVs, super thin laptops and lots more cheap tablets. And while most of the smart TVs will be running some form of Google TV or a proprietary system, Ubuntu is expected to show off some Linux-powered smart TVs as well.

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If the Apple iTV is real some day, it probably would look like this

Whenever there’s speculation about a new Apple product coming out, creating rendered fake prototypes is a popular sport, and these fake prototypes are a dime a dozen. But this one— if the Apple iTV does come out, I would be surprised if it doesn’t look just like this, both the set and the interface.

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Ubuntu Linux headed to smartphones, tablets and smart TVs

Not about to let Apple, Microsoft and Google remain the only players in the mobile revolution, Ubuntu announced yesterday that it too will be competing with mobile and TV versions of Ubuntu Linux for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

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Google TV gets Honeycomb and apps

With over-the-air updates that should start today, Google TV is getting its first major overhaul since it was launched a year ago. Included in the update is a version of Honeycomb for Google TV, meaning a much nicer user interface, as well as the inclusion finally of apps for your TV. There’s also a much better version of YouTube and an all new TV show and movie finder.

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Steve Jobs biography hints at a future Apple TV set

Now that the iPad has been out for a little over a year, that’s one long-standing Apple gadget rumor out of the way. The next big rumor that’s been going around for years is an Apple television set. Not just an Apple TV box, but the whole shebang. Fueling the new round of rumors is a passage from the new Jobs biography, in which he states that he had been working on such a device and “finally cracked it”.

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