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Morning feel good: Guy gets Bryan Cranston to help him ask a girl to prom

Fantastic that Cranston would be a good sport, but the delivery just isn’t the same without the shaved head, the glasses and the mustache.

American Teenager Tim Doner Speaks More Than 20 Languages

Watch this 14 year old girl tear up the guitar solo from Van Halen’s “Eruption”


The condom challenge is a thing teenagers are doing now

This is just one of hundreds and hundreds of videos on YouTube of people (mainly teenagers) doing the condom challenge. What is the condom challenge you ask? Unroll a condom, snort the prick end up your nose and then pull it out of your mouth. Fun for the whole family.

Douchey milk jug smashers finally caught

Remember those douchey teenagers that were going around smashing gallons of juice and milk in supermarkets? Well justice has been served, kinda. Police found and caught them, served a couple of misdemeanors. HAHAHAHAHA. I feel better. 


Teenagers have fun with the old smashing a gallon of milk on the floor prank

Kids these days… somebody’s gonna have to clean that shit up, you little punks.

Teenage girls knock parents out with sleeping pills so they could surf the internet

In a brilliantly stupid teenage move, two teenage girls from Placer County, California spiked the milkshakes of one of the girl’s parents with sleeping pills so the girls could use the internet past the 10pm internet curfew. Their plan didn’t work out so well when the parents woke up groggy and sick and went down to the police station to get drug tested.

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