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OBEY THE BEARD with this amazing TF2 music video

"Beard Fortress" either sounds like the most awesome thing ever or something you might find on Urban Dictionary late at night that makes you want to hurl.

Photograph This Shit: Your Favorite Game Screenshots
This week isn’t technically a photograph but close enough.  Above is my heavy eating his sandvich after taking an arrow to the eye.

Photograph This Shit: Your Favorite Game Screenshots

This week isn’t technically a photograph but close enough.  Above is my heavy eating his sandvich after taking an arrow to the eye.

Check out the trailer for the new “Robotic Boogaloo” Team Fortress 2 update

It’s the first entirely community created update for TF2, which features 57 new items, which are mostly hats, but all of the designs and features and extras from these hats were created from the brains of the TF2 community.

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Team Fortress 2 mod lets you play The Binding of Isaac from a first person perspective

The Binding of Isaac is already a terrifying, fucked up game as it is, but a new TF2 mod lets you play the horror from a 3D rendered first person perspective. OH HELL.


Here it is: The co-op update for TF2, “Mann vs. Machine”

Available August 15th, 2012, Mann vs. Machine lets you and five friends fight a lethal horde of robots on new maps, with the opportunity to upgrade abilities and weapons along the way.

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Valve teases introducing a third (possibly robotic) team to Team Fortress 2

Since the beginning, Team Fortress 2 has been about 2 teams, Red vs Blue. The goofy back story is that there are two Mann brothers, Blutarch and Redmond, who are fighting over gravel, which they see as the most precious resource on Earth. But Valve recently teased the existence of a third brother named Gray. That would mean a third team. OH SHIT.

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TF2 short of the day: “Practical Problems”

Oh the joy of being an Engineer on 2Fort. Not even fully awake and you can dominate the leaderboard.

Team Fortress 2: “Does he look like a bitch?”

A very well done re-creation of the Brett interrogation scene from Pulp Fiction using the Source Filmmaker program.

Submitted by werewithall

The Pyro’s dream Balloonicorn is now a real thing you can buy

Not just a couple days after Valve released the TF2 “Meet the Pyro” video, Thinkgeek, in cooperation with Valve, now have the Pyro’s balloonicorns for sale. Now you can have these cute creatures bouncing all about your house whilst you set people ablaze.

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Valve launches ‘Source Filmmaker’ and finally, a “Meet the Pyro” video

Not one, but two cool things from Valve today. First, is the long-awaited “Meet the Pyro” video, which doesn’t give us much more insight about the enigmatic Pyro other than he is truly batshit crazy.

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Adult Swim and Team Fortress are teaming up for something mysterious and magical

Sometime this week, we’ll learn what happens when you combine Adult Swim and Team Fortress 2. An animated TF2 series? That would be awesome. Adult Swim themed TF2 costumes? Oh, how sweet that would be as well. What is it? WHO KNOWS.

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See life through the eyes of a TF2 character with Cam Fortress for Android

Sure, Cam Fortress doesn’t actually do anything useful, but it does look cool. The augmented reality app overlays the arms and weapons from Team Fortress 2 characters on your phone’s screen so that it looks like you’re sneaking up to stab someone in the back, steal their sandvich or set fire to some birds. The app is free, but it’s not from Valve, so you might want to get it on the Google Play store now before Valve’s lawyers take offense.


TF2 in 2012: ‘Meet the Pyro’ video and a new secret project

If you’re wondering what Valve has planned for Team Fortress 2 this year, it sounds like some pretty cool things. They’re finally going to be making a “Meet the Pyro” video that might shed a little light on the most mysterious character as well as some secret project that’s neither a new map nor more hats.

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