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Stealth tank? Stealth tank! Poland just built the world’s first stealth tank!


Poland’s new PL-01 “concept” tank is covered in radar-absorbing materials and features temperature-controlled cells on the outer body that can match the surrounding temperature and make the tank invisible to infrared.  On top of that, the heat they give off can be modified to make the stealth tank look like a car, a motorcycle, or even a person to enemy radar.

Production of the PL-01 is set to begin in 2018, with export to NATO countries beginning in 2022.  You can see more photos at Gas 2.

Electric Hoveround + M1 Abrams Tank = DerZiesel All-terrain Wheelchair

This go-anywhere, do-anything offspring of a drunken three-way between an electric power chair, an ATV, and an M1 Abrams tank isn’t just a concept. You can buy one right. Freaking. Now.

If you have $30K to spend on a power chair, that is … here’s what it looks like in other colors.

Full specs and more photos at Gas 2.

Sushi Tanks created by Kurisakiya restaurant in Ōarai, Ibaraki, Japan in recognition of  anime and manga series Girls und Panzer 

Syrian rebels build a tank out of a car chassis, scrap metal and a game controller

When you’re engaged in a really nasty civil war, you often have to try and make do with what you have to get an edge anywhere you can. Not having the might of the Syrian army behind them, a group of Syrian rebels built this tank out of car parts, scrap steel and a game controller. 


Russian shit firing tank could make war even nastier

War is already nasty, but if this unlikely crap firing tank were ever manufactured, it would be even nastier. The design solves the problem of waste buildup inside a tank by converting the human waste into a weapon.

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Watch a guy drive a fucking tank through a White Castle drive thru

Yeah, I’ll have a bag of sliders. IN MY FUCKING TANK.


Tiny chihuahua is going as a tank for Halloween

Most awesome dog costume ever. And it looks like that some people on YouTube are calling this cruelty, but those people are idiots. That dog’s having his best Halloween ever.


New infrared invisibility cloak hides a tank, makes it look like a Jeep

Militaries are always trying to find a way to get a jump on an enemy, and there’s no better way to get the drop on your foes like invisibility and cloaking. So for example, if you had a tank that you wanted to make look like a Jeep, you could give it the heat signature of a Jeep, so that it looks significantly smaller and less threatening through night vision goggles.

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This is what a tank looks like firing a round at 18000 frames per second


The tank is a Russian T-90, a third-generation 46.5-tonne beast with a steel-composite-reactive blend armor, shooting a 125mm shell. The camera is a Photron, a high speed, ultra high definition camera made for scientific analysis.


Libyan Rebel turret goes where?

Those crazy Libyan rebels are at it again, attaching a tank turret to the top of a pickup truck. When life hands you broken tank parts, make a god damn truck tank. Proof yet again that there’s no war zone that a Toyota Hilux can’t conquer.

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The Next Step in the War On Drugs: Narco-Tanks

Mexican and Central American drug gangs have gotten pretty big in the past several years, and for while it was common to find homemade jungle submarines. But now it appears that drug cartels have begun building tanks by armoring trucks with steel plating and big fucking guns.

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Army tank PC case mod has working (mini) turret, treads, still runs Windows XP

There’s lots of great case mods out there, but not many that can roll around your house, scaring the hell out of the cats. This guy made a working tank case, with working treads and a turret.

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