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Tamagotchis are back and you know you want one

After being the hottest thing since Jesus when they launched in the late 90s, Tamgotchi kinda fell off the map for a while. But next fall, Bandai is launching an all new series of Tamagotchi called Tamagotchi Friends. They look similar to the old ones, only this time, you have your choice of pets to raise and the egg shaped devices come with connectivity, so your Tamagotchi can visit a friend’s Tamagotchi, so they can cry on each others shoulders about how their neglected and poop on each others floors.

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Tamagotchi is coming to Android and iOS? Tell me more.

While most kids aren’t carrying around little plastic Tamagotchi eggs anymore, there’s still a big virtual pet market on Android and iOS. And that’s exactly where Tamagotchi is going next, with an app/game being launched soon by Bandai. 

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