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Magic trick of the day: Taiwanese guy pulls a kitten out of thin air in the middle of a train station

Where did that kitten come from? Sorcery!

Taiwan’s NMA news imagines what the trailer for Star Wars VII might look like

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly it.

Apple Maps accidentally outs secret Taiwanese military base

In the county of Hsinchu, Taiwan, the Taiwanese government has… er had… a top secret radar range to detect incoming Chinese missiles. It’s apparently been unknown to the outside world until Apple’s goofy Maps came along and showed the location of the radar range off as clear as day for all to see. Whoopsie.

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The first Obama-Romney debate gets the Taiwanese animation treatment

YES! I was hoping this would happen. And yes, Romney does murder Big Bird.

Stupid teenage gamer dies after playing Diablo III for 40 hours straight with no food or rest

After a crazy marathon session of Diablo III, an 18 year old Taiwanese kid keeled over. The man, known as Chuang, played Diablo for 40 hours straight without food or without taking any breaks. What the hell is wrong with east Asian gamers that this kind of thing seems way too common?

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Taiwanese art student gets accolades for making Iron Man out of his bloody piss

There’s lots of really great art out there these days, and then there’s this guy. An art student from Taiwan, who after pissing blood one night, was inspired to create the face of Iron Man out of piss and blood. And the critics love it. Because they would. Because it’s not like there isn’t a metric shit ton of really great art being done these days that they have to fawn all over a guy drawing in his bloody pee.

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Taiwanese gamer dead for 9 hrs at LAN party before anyone notices

At an internet cafe in Taiwan, surrounded by 30 other gamers, 33 year old Chen Rong-ru sat dead for 9 hours before anyone noticed. He suffered a heart attack after playing League of Legends for 24 hours straight, while the other players probably bitched about him not laying down enough DOTs or something.

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Taiwanese news agency now giving the shitty CGI animation treatment to things like Louis CK’s recent AMA on Reddit

A couple days ago, Louis CK did an AMA on Reddit, which was both funny and informative… and then it even gets the honor of the Taiwanese news animation.

Louis CK on Reddit 

Hey kids, here’s some fucking awesome kung fu fire breathing puppets from Taiwan

Footage of Taiwanese glove puppetry (Potehi or Budaixi) filmed in Yunlin, Taiwan for PuppetVision: The Movie, a feature length documentary about puppeteers and puppetry around the world that is scheduled to be released in late 2012.


The Dark Knight Rises trailer, the animated Taiwanese version

So I assume you’ve seen the real Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer, now see the bizarre NMA Taiwanese animated version. I really was hoping that The Dark Knight Rises would feature Batman working at Wal-Mart and Bane coming in to by a $500 bottle of milk, because that’s pretty standard to canon. 


No idea who this is, but I suppose her name is in all that gibberish somewhere if you can read Chinese.

No idea who this is, but I suppose her name is in all that gibberish somewhere if you can read Chinese.

Google Translate sings us a little song about Google Translate

So we’ve already seen how google translate can be used to create phat beats, but this guy from Taiwan created this awesome video where he took Google Translate and made it sing this weird GlaDOS-like song about… Google Translate.


Osama gets killed, the Taiwanese animated news version

OSAMA GET GOT like a motherfucker. And peed on.

Go Android go Android go!

This fleet-footed robot was spotted in Tapei, Taiwan near a stand promoting the new Sony Xperia Arc.

Nothing’s more romantic than a Batman suite in an hourly rate hotel

There’s certainly nothing wrong with staying in an awesome Batman themed hotel room, whether you just want to revel in it alone or bring a friend, but for an hourly rate hotel, it’s a little weird. At the Eden hotel in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, you can rent the Batman suite for $50 for three hours to do whatever in. Fighting crime, sitting in the mini Tumbler and making vroom vroom noises… and maybe getting your rocks off with an appreciative Taiwanese hooker.

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