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The most expensive divorce in history… a 4.5 billion dollar settlement.

Divorce can be fairly expensive, but for Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev, the split from his wife will cost him a massive $4.5 billion dollars. The settlement decision was handed down from a Swiss court, where Rybolovlev and his ex-wife owned two chalets.

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For sale: A giant Swiss bank vault full of gold coins, just like Scrooge McDuck has

I know it’s a tempting purchase, but remember that actually trying to dive into a giant pile of gold coins will cause all kinds of massive bodily trauma, possibly death. So don’t do that.

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Drive-in ‘sex boxes’ for prostitutes open in Zurich

The so-called ‘sex boxes’, which officially opened on August 26, are located in a former industrial site just outside the city centre. They will station up to 40 prostitutes and will have nine ‘sex-boxes’ that they can entertain clients in.

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ROBOY is a realistic-ish tendon-driven robot boy that “grows” in nine months

Roboy is a robot with a future. He represents a new generation of robots and an innovative research direction for science and industry. This pioneering project began a good five months ago at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the University of Zurich, and its goal is to develop one of the most advanced humanoid robots within the record-breaking timeframe of only nine months. Today “Roboy” is getting a new face and can already move his arms – and soon he will be presented to the public to celebrate the laboratory’s 25th anniversary at the robotics fair “Robots on Tour”.


Evening moment of zen: “Helvetia’s Dream”

If you need to chill out a bit, here’s a gorgeous fly-through video of the Swiss Alps.

Swiss dolphins die of drug overdose after a rave

In another case of dolphins being more like humans than previously thought, a pair of dolphins at an aquarium in Switzerland died from a heroin overdose after a rave. Okay, so the dolphins themselves weren’t doing heroin, but it’s thought that heroin was dumped into their tank during a rave at the aquarium. A rave at an aquarium? Lolwot Switzerland?

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Swiss guy installs a wood burning stove in his Volvo, because… why not?

And Pascal Prokop’s 1990 Volvo with a wood burning stove where the front passenger seat used to be is even road legal after he signed the papers and permits. I’m sure it’s damn toasty in there, but there’s also the possibility of suffocation while you’re driving. But hey, he’s got a fucking wood stove in there.

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Jetman Yves Rossey flying in formation with a couple of fighter jets

Stuntman and super badass Yves Rossey does a demonstration above the Swiss Alps with his jetpack, flying in formation with a couple of jets from the Breitling Jet Team. Sure, the jets are going just above stall speed and he’s going full throttle, but it’s still seriously fucking awesome.

Hot tubs are great, but they’re even better when they’re hanging in mid-air from the bottom of a bridge
At least that’s how they roll in Switzerland, as these people demonstrate at the Gueuroz Bridge. 

Hot tubs are great, but they’re even better when they’re hanging in mid-air from the bottom of a bridge

At least that’s how they roll in Switzerland, as these people demonstrate at the Gueuroz Bridge. 


IHC After Dark: And now here’s a Swiss man doing vocal tracks for pornography

I can’t tell if this might be NSFW or informative if you’re someone who studies Alpine mating calls.

World record blob jump in Cham, Switzerland

And by world record, that’s 17 meters up in the air. That’s way higher than anyone who’s ever been doing this sort of thing since what… several hundred years ago? This is cool and all, and it looks like fun, but when did world records stop meaning something and when did Guinness just become a whore to anyone who says “We want to do a world record simultaneous pickle in the ass sit-in!”

If you were planning on traveling to Switzerland for assisted suicide, don’t cancel your travel plans

Zurich, Switzerland is one of the few places in which assisted suicide is perfectly legal for both locals and foreigners, but it almost became a locals-only affair. In a recent referendum that sparked a lot of debate in Switzerland, the measure to ban outsiders from taking advantage of the Swiss city’s end of life hospitalities failed, with 80% opposed to the ban.

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Swiss bank UBS unveils its insane 43 page dress code. And you thought polos and khakis were bad.

So… something like this?

If you have worked or currently work somewhere with a dress code, you know how much simple things can be. Polos and khakis, no opened toed shoes, brown belts, black shoes etc etc. But if you’re an employee of UBS in Switzerland, you now have a whopping 43 pages of dress code that covers absolute every aspect of your appearance—  what color underwear you’re allowed to wear (underwear that matches your flesh-tones); what kind of tie-knot you’re allowed to have (one suited to the “morphology” of your face); prohibitions on new shoes, millimetre-specific fingernail length requirements; and the dictum that any scent must be applied as soon as you leave the shower and no later.

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Switzerland invents the sex drive-thru, and there was peace in the land

In a new strategy to control prostitution, Zurich, Switzerland has come up with a novel solution: Make plastic cubicles so you can park your car and do the nasty in a secure, confined area. The sex drive-thru.

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