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Sexy moment of zen: Wake up, go surfing

It must be nice to be able to wake up, go to the beach, and surf all day. Well, it’s at least nice to watch these ladies do it.

Awesome apocalyptic surf video of the day: “Apocalypse Later, Surf Now”

“Apocalypse Later, Surf Now” is a handheld surf video with a twist—the sky is filled with mysterious vessels in the midst of a pitched battle. YouTuber keef70 shot the video on a GoPro camera and created the video effects on his iMac. The video is set to the song The Whales by The Mermen, from their 1989 album Krill Slippin’.


Evening moment of zen: Surfing the biggest Teahupoo ever in slow motion

From the Billabong Pro last year, these massive waves in super slow motion, shot on a Phantom camera are suddenly transformed into massive, living fantasy beasts of the sea.


Submitted by Delsyd

Surfer almost gets swallowed by a whale

A surfer paddles out further than she’s ever gone before and is just a few feet from getting caught in the giant maw of a humpback whale as its surfacing. Though I hear one can live comfortably in the belly of a whale for quite some time, and if you have your adopted father and your pet cat with you, it can feel just like home.

Or maybe the whale was just trying to give her a high five, as whales are known to do.


No, fuck all that of the day

So this guy named Chuck Patterson was out paddle surfing off the coast of somewhere California when 2 great white sharks start circling him. So he leaves and comes back the next day with his HD camera to find them so he can get some video. Fuck that. I know what a great white looks like— it eats boats and only Richard Dreyfuss can stop them. Also, this video makes me have to pee all of a sudden.


Tarp surfing: It’s the next big thing in tarp sports. And it looks pretty fun actually.


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