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And now, here’s a motherfucking supercut of every single time Samuel L. Jackson has said the word “motherfucker” in a movie, motherfucker

Morning dance party: Christopher Walken? CHRISTOPHER DANCIN!

A glorious supercut of all of Christopher Walken’s many, many movie dance moves.

Jive Turkey Supercut

It ain’t cool being no supercut of people saying “Jive Turkey” this close to Thanksgiving!

Woody Allen Making Love: A Supercut

You ever notice that Woody Allen likes to use the phrase “Make Love?” We did.

Laugh It Up: A supercut of people laughing in movies, because you look like you could use a good chuckle

Characters in movies being hit by a bus, the supercut

That looks like that hurt. A lot. Over and over again.


And here’s your gigantic 2012 movie trailer supercut

Every trailer for all 182 movies released in the US in 2012 in six and a half minutes.

Full movie list here

Supercut of the day: START DAMMIT!

A montage of all those great bits from horror movies, where someone is running to their car to get away from danger and the damn thing suddenly won’t start.

Submitted by inthemouthofradness

And now, here’s every face punch in Road House

Because fuck Tuesday, that’s why. I want to Swayze-punch Tuesday right in its ugly face.

Submitted by Delsyd

The 100 best Nicolas Cage quotes

Okay, so as easy as it is to make fun of Nicolas Cage, this video is why I can never actually give up my Nicolas Cage addiction. These tiny little memorable gems, even in some of his shittier movies make it all worth it.


The best worst “special episode” TV episodes

I don’t watch enough TV anymore to know if they still do this shit, but in the 80s and 90s, sitcoms were big on presenting one “special episode” every couple years or so that wasn’t so funny and tried to convey a serious message about serious business. But most of the time, these special episodes were funnier than most of the regular programming in its cheesy PSA mode.


Fifty states of the US and their capitals, the supercut

Many of these supercut videos are getting a little old, but I’m actually pretty impressed with this one. Way better than “50 examples of someone screaming ‘WHAAAT?” or whatever.


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