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Sunday Metal Madness: Lucan Wolf “Sabbat”

Something witchy this way comes from Lucan Wolf… “Sabbat”.

Sunday Metal Madness: At the Gates “Slaughter of the Soul”

At the Gates, still stands the test of time.

Sunday Metal Madness: Sòlstafir “Köld”

It’s a few years old, but I thought you might like this Icelandic metal band Sòlstafir doing a live version of their song Köld.  Pretty epic performance.

Sunday Metal Madness: Ne Obliviscaris “Xenoflux”

This Aussie metal band is the best live show I’ve seen, the only band I’ve made a concerted effort to go see more than once. Two singers, one is full gothic, leather trenchcoat style, long straight black hair, the other singer is a relaxed looking dude, plays the violin as well. Awesome contrasting styles.

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