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20 hour Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time playthrough for charity

Hi IHC, a friend of mine is streaming a one-sitting playthrough of Ocarina Of Time on N64 for Child’s Play charity. I’ll be guest commentating at some point during the day and would love it if you could spare any cash. The link for the stream is and the link for donations is

(Links go live at 10am GMT/ 2am PST on Saturday 19th.)


Mars Diffracts! X-ray Crystallography and Space Exploration…

Astrobiologist and intrepid science communicator Lewis Dartnell reveals the crucial role that x-ray crystallography is playing in understanding the formation and history of our planetary neighbour, Mars.

Girls picking up other girls, and they make it look easy

Not a lesbian? Wanna go out anyway? High five!

Afternoon jams: Chromeo “Sexy Socialite”

The spirit of Rick James is alive and well in Chromeo.

Let this clever rap battle guide you towards either a PS4 or Xbox One

What’s better, the PS4 or Xbox One? Oliver Age 24 and Boyinaband rap battle to the death to decide!

IHC Movie Reviews: Oculus (2014)

Oculus, the horror movie starring Karen Gillan is in theaters now, after being in limited release for quite a while. With an influx of horror movies this time of year, this one tries to stand out with an oddly unique story. But how does it do? Is it a great horror flick, or should it have stayed locked up in the psych ward?

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Morning feel good: Guy gets Bryan Cranston to help him ask a girl to prom

Fantastic that Cranston would be a good sport, but the delivery just isn’t the same without the shaved head, the glasses and the mustache.

IHC After Dark metal: Animals as Leaders “Tooth and Claw”

If you enjoy math and metal, or just having your face melted, check out this track from Animals as Leaders third album “The Joy of Motion” which was released today.  

Motion infographic of the day: Mass Incarceration in the US

Errbody’s going to jail up in here.

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