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IHC Game Reviews: ‘Alien: Isolation’

Alien Isolation is out now for pretty much every console and PC, and is the newest title in the video game tie-ins for the film franchise. With such a deep and scary universe the Alien franchise has been ripe for a good game, but almost every attempt has fallen flat. Well, now that Alien Isolation is released, consider that dry spell long gone.

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Some people in France have a problem with a giant inflatable Christmas tree in Paris that looks like a giant buttplug. Joyeux Noël!

Artist creates a giant inflatable Christmas tree for an installation in Paris, giant Christmas tree looks not much at all like a tree, a whole lot like a giant buttplug, enough that it’s upset French people, whom you think would welcome giant holiday buttplugs, mais non.

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Another IHC regular self publishes: ‘A Dark Pattern’

All and sundry.   have finally self-published my novel, A Dark Pattern. It’s available for the bargain price of $4.44.  And it mentions IHC!  Just look at Chapter 7. 

A Dark Pattern is a Weird Fiction Mystery set in Seattle. It involves romance, fear, psychoactive drugs, trans-dimensional demons, stray cats, dive bars, a slaughter of not-so-innocents, precognition, baseball, military-grade drones, panty-sniffing, ramen-stealing, and much more. It starts with a hornet’s sting and ends with a bang.

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IHCer animated short music video: “The Right Time”

This is a funny story about a girl-robot who is traveling the universe to find real love.

Check out the trailer for the game Rakuen

Plants vs. Zombies Composer Laura Shigihara Releases Trailer for Her Upcoming Game: Rakuen

Why war is killing less people now than ever

We live in the most peaceful time in human history. Wait what, seriously? This has to be wrong, there are more wars then ever! Well, no, and they kill less and less people while human population is at an all time high, and the numbers show it! We explain how we can come to this conclusion and what the reasons are that war might go away.

Evening short films: “Interview With a Time Traveler”

A journalist interviews a time traveler in this compelling sci-fi short film starring The Knick’s Eric Johnson.

Morning music: “Thunderstruck” by Steve’n’Seagulls

Bobbymike just told me about this today, and I just felt the need to spread it like ebola. AC/DC cover that I can definitely listen to. Enjoy! Or don’t!

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