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Afternoon nightmare fuel: This dancing animatronic robot is pure terror

It’s supposedly cutting edge because it can dance to music on its own, but shit I used to have a battery powered flower that could do that and it wasn’t a fraction this horrifying. If this is the future of robot strippers, no thank you.

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Can stripping be considered a tax-exempt art form?

If you’ve been to a strip club, you know that a lot of the ladies working there are certainly artists in their field, but can be stripping considered a tax-exempt art form? That’s a question a New York court will try to answer.

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Pole dancing stripper takes a face dive into the floor

Shit, I’ll still give her a dollar. Maybe two. That looks like it hurt.


The best stripper name ever?

Visited one of the local strip clubs for the 1st time. There was stripper there with “Nutella” as her name. Wasn’t even that hot but damn that name was good. Needless to say she got all my money.

Check out the trailer for Strippers vs. Werewolves

You like werewolves? You like strippers? Check out this mildly NSFW trailer for Zombies vs. Strippers, starring Billy Murray (that’s Billy from EastEnders, not Bill Murray) and Robert Englund. The synopsis:

When werewolf chief Jack Ferris is accidentally killed in a strip club the girls who work there have until the next full moon before his bloodthirsty wolfpack seek murderous retribution.


IHC After Dark: Worst lap dance ever

Seriously, fuck strippers in whatever country this is from.

Found by Israel V.

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