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Saturday morning cartoons: Street FIghter (USA)

Let’s just go ahead and throw this out then.


Guy fights his own hand, Street Fighter style

This is pretty much one of the coolest things I’ve seen today.

Mega Man vs Street Fighter is a real thing from Capcom, here’s the trailer

Coming out December 17 to celebrate Mega Man’s 25th birthday, Mega Man vs Street Fighter will be a free download for PC.


Chun Li from Street Fighter versus Tifa from Final Fantasy… who would win?

Oh, this is gonna be one sexy as hell girl fight.

IHC After Dark: Ryu and Scorpion

I saw the video with Ryu and Scorpion and thought I’d share this.

MK vs. Street Fighter 2 by Proxicide

Video was found on Youtube but, the original is found on Newgrounds

Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter in real life

This is surprisingly badass and the fight choreography and directing is pretty well done. I was surprised. BY A HADOUKEN.

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