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Karen Gillan’s hair has been cast for Star Wars VII. Yes, just her hair.

Now that Disney owns a good chunk of everyone’s childhood for the foreseeable future, it’s all just one big happy Disney-Pixar-Lucasfilm-Marvel family. So when Karen Gillan had to shave her head for the role of Neubla in Guardians of the Galaxy, that gorgeous hair just didn’t get swept down the drain— it was donated to the Star Wars VII props and costume department, where it will be turned into a wig, or a beard, or maybe even a long, luscious, fiery merkin for some alien race.

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Jaina and Jacen Solo reportedly the protagonists of Star Wars Episode VII

Considering Disney wants to crank out a new Star Wars movie every year, they’re not giving themselves a whole lot of time to fuck around, so it’s not surprising that there are already rumors about the characters and plot of Episode VII. Word has it that the protagonists will be Jaina and Jacen Solo, fraternal twin brother and sister, children of Han Solo and Princess Leia and raised by Luke Skywalker to be great Jedi.

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Star Wars Episode VII poster based on Patton Oswalt’s plot synopsis
See the original Patton Oswalt video here

Star Wars Episode VII poster based on Patton Oswalt’s plot synopsis

See the original Patton Oswalt video here

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Patton Oswalt’s Improvised Plot Proposal For ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ on ‘Parks and Recreation’

I really hope that Patton influences someone with some pull….

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George Takei announces he’s going to be playing a Jedi in Star Wars Episode VII. I wish this were real.

Just after midnight last night, George Takei made an announcement on Facebook that he was going to be playing a Jedi in Star Wars Episode VII. Sadly, this turned out to be a joke… a very, very cruel joke. I actually got really excited for a minute until I realized what day it was. Damn, Takei would make a cool Jedi.

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Carrie Fisher says she will return as Princess Leia in Star Wars VII

In Star Wars Episode VII, Harrison Ford has already confirmed he’ll be back as Han Solo and now it looks like Carrie Fisher is game for returning to the Star Wars universe as Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan.

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Harrison Ford confirmed as Han Solo in Star Wars VII

Harrison Ford is getting pretty damn old, but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to play Indiana Jones… why should it stop him from coming back as Han Solo in Star Wars Episode VII? Apparently, it’s not, as it looks like he will be returning to the Star Wars franchise.

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This Star Wars/Star Trek mashup might give you an idea of what Star Wars VII might look like


Sam Jackson obviously wants Mace Windu to be in Star Wars VII

With talk all the time these days about Star Wars Episode VII— directors, writers, possible story lines etc, one bad motherfucker wants it to be known that he’s down for doing more Star Wars. Samuel L. Jackson said recently in an interview that he would love for Mace Windu to return in some way in Star Wars VII.

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Robert Pattinson would do pretty much anything to be in Star Wars VII

Actor Robert Pattinson has been doing a lot of press lately because of the last Twilight movie, but very soon, Pattinson needs to think about what he wants to do post-Twilight. And part of that dream is to be in Star Wars VII, and he’ll do almost anything for any role at all.

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Neither Steven Spielberg nor Quentin Tarantino want to direct Star Wars VII

It’s not surprising that someone would ask Spielberg if he’d be interested in directing the next Star Wars movie, but Tarantino? I’d love it, but hardcore Star Wars fans probably wouldn’t. And now it’s official that neither Spielberg nor Tarantino are interested, so you can cross those two names off the list. What about Kevin Smith?

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Wes Anderson’s Star Wars VII would be the coziest, quirkiest Star Wars ever

Though in reality, Bill Murray would play an old, disconnected Han Solo and that… that would be awesome.

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