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Japanese carrier SoftBank is in talks to buy Sprint for more than $12 billion

There had been rumors swirling recently that Sprint was in talks to buy MetroPCS, but it’s been confirmed that Sprint is in serious negotiations to sell itself to Japanese carrier SoftBank for over $12 billion. 

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Sprint confirms their 4G LTE will have unlimited data

The one big selling point that Sprint has right now over its competitors is that it’s the only US cell carrier that offers truly unlimited data. There had been speculation that as more 4G and 4G LTE phones and tablets roll out, Sprint would hold back on the 4G unlimited data plans, but the company confirmed today that’s not the case.

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Rumor: Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus appears headed to Sprint

Right now, Verizon is your only option if you want a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but according to some leaked advertising, it appears that Google’s new flagship phone will soon be headed to Sprint as well, making it Sprint’s first 4G LTE mobile phone.

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Sprint and Verizon will unlock the iPhone 4S for international travel

If you ordered an iPhone 4S or if you’re planning on getting one and you travel a lot overseas, you may want to think about going with either Sprint or Verizon, since those are the only two iPhone carriers in the US that will unlock the iPhone 4S SIM card for international travel.

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The Wall Street Journal seems pretty confident the iPhone 5 is coming to Sprint

When the iPhone came out, your only choice of carrier in the US was AT&T. Three years later, the iPhone came to Verizon. And for a while, there were rumors that the next generation iPhone would also be available on Sprint. And now the WSJ seems to be pretty confident this will be the case. 

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Turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone with the ZTA Peel from Sprint

Several months ago, an iPod Touch attachment device emerged in China that turned the Touch into an iPhone. Now said device has come to America as the ZTA Peel, only this version from Sprint has the added capability of acting as a WiFi hotspot for two devices and doesn’t require jailbreaking the iPod as in the original Chinese version— you just need a VoIP app like Skype to turn it into a phone.

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