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Your Mazda 6 infested with spiders? It’s more likely than you think.

Most car recalls are for straightforward mechanical issues, but if you’ve got a Mazda 6 and you’ve been wondering why your car is infected with spiders, it’s not where you park— there’a slight defect in some Mazdas that allows a certain type of gasoline loving spider into the car so they can get their little rocks off huffing your fuel and jamming up your lines.

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Canadian weather forecaster is nearly eaten by giant spider

Canada. It’s like the Australia of the northern hemisphere.

New, giant face-sized tarantula discovered in Sri Lanka

Tarantulas are already pretty big spiders, but a recently discovered species in Sri Lanka is about the size of an adult human face. That whole fucking spider could be chilling on your face one morning and it would cover the whole thing with its 8 inch leg span.

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Could Spider-Man’s webbing bring a subway train to a screeching halt? Yes it could.

In Spider-Man 2, there’s a scene where Spidey uses his spider-webbing to bring a four-car subway train to a screeching halt. That’s a lot of weight and a lot of mass, but if we’re talking about spider silk sized up to human proportions, it could absolutely stop a runaway train.

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Hey IHC, I think I need some help. What bit me?

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out by seeing if anyone can identify what the fuck I’ve been bitten by!

I’ve included a link to the post I’ve written about it and would be grateful if you help a dude out :D

Failing that, at least you know who patient zero is now :D

Think that blizzard’s bad? In Brazil, it’s raining spiders

While parts of New England are busy digging themselves out of several feet of snow, in the southern Brazilian town of Santo Antônio da Platina, it’s raining spider. SPIDERS. COMING OUT OF THE SKY.

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A spider’s brain is so big, it overflows into its legs


Spiders are smart creatures, but they’ve got teeny tiny heads. So where does all that brain go? Out of their heads, into the body cavity and out into the legs.

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And now, here’s a Cuban spider that really knows how to get down

When I play the maracas I go chik-chikki-boom chik-chikki-boom

OH SHIT there’s a spider out there that builds bigger spiders

Well, not actual giant spiders, but large spider decoys to deter potential predators and scare the shit out of prey. Making yourself looking bigger and scarier for offense and defense is pretty common in the animal world, but building a sculpture of a larger spider out of pieces of leaves and other debris is a much different and much more complex feat than just puffing out your chest.

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Brave spider astronaut, or spidernaut, dies shortly after returning from space

The brave, space-faring spider that debuted at the Natural History Museum on Thursday after its 100-day stint at the International Space Station died yesterday. The museum announced the sad news Monday on its Facebook page, telling fans, “The loss of this special animal that inspired so many imaginations will be felt throughout the museum community.”

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And now, here’s a winner punching a spider in the face with brass knuckles

You know… there are other way to deal with spiders. No, he doesn’t look likes he knows.


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