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Shout Technobabble as You Crew a Starship in ‘Spaceteam’


Spaceteam, from indie studio Sleeping Beast Games, is an amazing cooperative game, inviting 2 to 4 players to serve aboard a starship together. Spaceteam offers a sense of adventure and cooperation, as your team shouts technobabble and flips switches to avert certain doom.

Each player’s iPhone or iPad becomes a control panel, with a different collection of high-tech space knobs, dials, buttons and settings. Players will be asked to set hydromats, engage ferrous spectrums, and reticulate splines, but the instructions appear on random screens, so you’ll need to shout the technobabble commands you see, and listen to the commands that are relevant to your screen. In about ten seconds, your friends are transformed into officers on a starship bridge, operating at maximum efficiency — and volume.

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