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Korean MMO ‘Black Desert Online’ has the most insanely detailed character customization ever

Tweak every tiny little thing on your character’s face and body. Create your own hairstyles, control hair texture, eyelash length and pretty much the entire skeletal structure.

Check out some actual gameplay here

South Korean and Japanese newfound love for American cheese making dairy farmers happy

By European standards, American cheese shouldn’t even be called cheese. But it’s not just the US that loves the stuff— Mexico has already been the biggest importer of American cheese for a while, but in recent years, people in South Korea and Japan have been on an American cheese binge. 

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South Korea to have 1000x-faster-than-LTE 5G in place by 2020

LTE isn’t that bad, and there’s more of it every day across the US. South Korea is already thinking towards even faster mobile speeds— way faster. By 2020, the country plans on having a 5G network in place that’s 1000 times faster than today’s LTE. You’ll be able to download an 8000Mb movie in about a second. Bam.

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"The Golden Bat" is South Korea’s really bad Batman ripoff, and he wears a gold suit and shoots lasers from his fingers

Just one of Korea’s many many awful ripoff cartoon characters.

And now, here’s a compilation of funny commercials from South Korea.

Submitted by Delsyd

This is what happens when zombies wander the streets of South Korea

Though to be fair, people probably just thought they were North Koreans.

Morning music videos: Psy “Gentleman”

Psy’s got a new single out and while it doesn’t have the catchy refrain of “Gangnam Style”, it’s a pretty funny video, what with Psy acting like a total dick to everyone he meets.

North Korea makes a video to show what it will look like when it kicks the crap out of South Korea

In its campaign to be the world’s biggest delusional dickholes, the North Korea government created a shitty video to show its population and the rest of the world what it will look like when it invades South Korea and kicks the shit out of Southern and American forces. Lulz.

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