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Think of all the destroyed lives Obamacare could have saved in New Mexico. GOMEZ WOULD STILL BE ALIVE

Think of all the destroyed lives Obamacare could have saved in New Mexico. GOMEZ WOULD STILL BE ALIVE

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SNL - Debbie Downer

Cast members just can’t hold it together in this skit about at least three people I can think of in my family.

Bonus: Lindsay Lohan before her body showed the ravages of booze, drugs, and too many blowjobs-for-rent-money.

IHC After Dark: At the M&M Store

Your ass is Puerto Rican but your tits didn’t get the message.

NBC pulls SNL’s hilarious Hugo Chavez eulogy song from the internets

A couple weeks ago, when Justin Timberlake made his fifth hosting appearance, he started the show by doing his best Elton John impersonation, singing a version of “Candle in the Wind” for recently deceased Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez. But then NBC started pulling the clip from not just YouTube, but Hulu and as well. Why? Because they’re all pinko commies.

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Christoph Waltz is Jesus in ‘Djesus Uncrossed’

In this fake trailer from SNL, Christoph Waltz is the most kick ass Jesus ever. I would watch this movie so many times I’d melt the DVD.

Jeremy Renner helps spoof Avengers on SNL

Yeah, I know Hawkeye doesn’t shoot normal arrows, but the whole thing is still funny. Deal with it.

Anne Hathaway does a pretty spot on Claire Danes in the SNL Homeland spoof

Anne Hathaway hosted SNL this weekend, and one of the bits she did was a spoof of Homeland, where she did her best manic depressive Claire Danes impersonation. Also, what’s his balls does a pretty good Mandy Patinkin.

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Jay Pharoah’s first turn as Obama on SNL from this weekend. Nails it.

I was never really a fan of Fred Armisen’s Obama impersonation, but with some big cast shakeups leading into this new season, SNL got a brand new Obama with Jay Pharoah, a comedian known for his strong celebrity impression skills. And with Obama, he manages to snag all of the political cartoon idiosyncrasies that’s been missing in an SNL president for a while. Will Ferrell was George W., Phil Hartman was Clinton, Carvey was George HW and Pharoah is Obama.

Oh, and the rest of the show was surprisingly funny as well.

Jay Pharoah will take over as Obama on SNL

I’m pretty happy with this news. While I think Fred Armisen is a funny guy and good at what he does, I was never comfortable with him playing Obama. Especially once they added a black guy to the cast whose specialty is impersonations. 


Meet Kate McKinnon, the newest SNL cast member and the first openly lesbian SNL player

The newest member of the SNL cast is Kate McKinnon, whom I’ve never heard of til now, but she seems to be pretty fucking hilarious, as you’ll see in the video clips below. Granted, that’s no indication of her success on the show, since there have been plenty of SNL cast members who were funny until they were shoehorned into a whole lot of SNL unfunniness (Mark McKinney for example). And McKinnon is a lesbian, which is a first for the show, so there’s that.

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