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Hey IHC, I think I need some help. What bit me?

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out by seeing if anyone can identify what the fuck I’ve been bitten by!

I’ve included a link to the post I’ve written about it and would be grateful if you help a dude out :D

Failing that, at least you know who patient zero is now :D

Getting high and immune to poisons by injecting snake venom

Milking an array of deadly snakes including rattlesnakes and monocled cobras, with a few vipers thrown in the mix, Steve has been injecting what would for any normal human be fatal amounts venom into his body since the late 80s.

The basic principle—laid out by pioneer herpetologist Bill Haast, who died last year at the age of 100—is that regular exposure to the venom develops an immunity. Steve claims to never get ill, and that cobra venom is the ultimate pick-me-up, with effects lasting days after injecting, making Steve stronger, faster, and more resilient.


Giant, pregnant Burmese python caught in Florida. Well, giant for Florida.

The largest ever Burmese python found in Florida was caught this week. The thing was seventeen feet long, about a foot wide and was bearing 87 eggs. That’s a lot of baby Burmese pythons.

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In case you were wondering, this is what a drop of snake venom does to your blood

Snake venom has a variety of effects on a body, depending on the kind of snake, but in this demonstration, just a single drop of venom from a Russell’s viper turns human blood into a thick goo. The kind of consistency that would kill you dead with a quickness.

Serpent-handling pastor dies from rattlesnake bite, just like his father.

Just like his father, snake-handling Pentecostal minister Mack Wolford of West Virginia died of rattlesnake bites. Some Pentecostals use snake handling as proof that God is keeping them safe, but for two generations of the Wolfords, it hasn’t worked out so far. Maybe they should start snake handling before their reproductive years and the problem will eventually work itself out.

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What’s this? Oh nothing… just a giant spider eating a snake

I normally like spiders, but fuck that spider. That spider’s got ambitions. He’d probably wrap up my head and save it for later and not even give a fuck.


It’s science: Women who are PMSing are better at spotting snakes

From the Department of Why Does This Study Exist, But It Does, So Deal With It, researchers in Japan have concluded that women who are PMSing are much better than everyone else when it comes to spotting snakes.

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Indian snake charmer releases a bag of cobras in tax office in protest

Local bureaucrats leapt onto their desks or ran out of the building in the Northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh when Hakkul let his snakes, including some poisonous cobras, out of their bags.

“He had applied for a plot of land to keep his snakes,” Subhash Mani Tripathi, the head of land revenue administration, told AFP news agency. “But there is no provision for such a business. Instead of seeking a written reply, which we would have issued, Hakkul created panic by letting loose a bunch of snakes all over the office.”


IHC After Dark: Chinese guy shoves poisonous snakes up his nose

What a talent.

The ATM machine that dispenses pissed off snakes

If I find out what bank it is that dispenses pissed off snakes with your money, I will absolutely switch right now. I’ll drop everything and sign up for the checking, savings and snakes plan ASAP.



While driving down the highway at 75 mph, a couple notices that they’ve got a water moccasin as a passenger on the outside of their car. Why they didn’t just stop somewhere and let him off or put him in a container and drop him off at a creek is beyond me. 

"I want him to fall off". I want you to choke on a bag of dicks.


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