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Hungry yet? Watch Americans try food from Singapore.

Mmm, squid snacks, the only good I’ve ever eaten that required me to choke down vomit in order to finish.

IHC After Dark movies: ‘15: The Movie’

If you’re in the mood for a twisted movie, this gem from Singapore is free to watch on YouTube.

At Jesus Camp in Singapore, they’re teaching kids that prayer can resurrect the dead

Pentecostal minister Becky Fischer teaches kids how to raise the dead. At the six minute mark she explains that kids can successfully pray their dead pets back to life. Good luck with that kids… delusion is so much easier than accepting the hard realities of life.


Lucasfilms building this gorgeous Sandcrawler building for their first overseas office in Singapore

George Lucas has been getting a lot of shit on the internet lately for both real and imagined changes to the Blu Ray versions of the Star Wars movies (though it’s really just the prequel trilogy so who cares), but something that Lucas is doing very right is this stunning Sandcrawler building that will be the home of Lucasfilms Singapore, the first overseas office for Lucas.

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Government of Singapore is not happy about the placement of the flag on the men’s national swim team uniforms

The government of Singapore expressed its anger last week about the design of the swimsuits of the men’s national swim team at the Asian Games. As you can see from the photo above, they’re not particularly happy that the Islamic crescent moon just so happens to jut out of the crotch like a bit white dick. But I thought dick-waving is what organized religion is all about?

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