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Johns Hopkins researcher finds the psilocybin sweet spot for long lasting therapeutic use

It’s been known for a long time that certain doses of hallucinogens, especially of LSD, psilocybin and DMT can be incredibly beneficial in “rewiring” the brain to help overcome trauma, mental and emotional issues, addiction and a host of other issues. And now, a study from Johns Hopkins University has found the “sweet spot”, in which the positive effects from the psilocybin dosage outweigh any negative aspects. 

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Coloring in a Disney coloring book while on shrooms

"Last  night I took some mushrooms and coloured with crayons. This is the result."

IHC After Dark: The rise of psychedelic mushrooms in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for its weed and its hookers, but psychedelic truffles have been gaining popularity quickly in the tiny country.

The “Magic Mushroom house”, a house in Colorado built while on shrooms and LSD

At the house’s very center is a round, sunken area the Findlays refer to as the “love pit” but that could more aptly be termed the creation room. A built-in sofa encircles much of the white-shag-carpeted space, while an unmistakably phallic canopy built of moss rock protrudes from part of the wall, extending toward the fireplace opening in the large hearth opposite. Look closely at some of the rock in the chimney, and you can pick out more sexual imagery. A mural behind the couch, painted by Mr. Ulrych, depicts a somewhat abstract rendering of the reproductive process.


Scientists confirm that eating shrooms makes you more awesome


For those who have done shrooms or acid, it’s an obvious conclusion, now one backed by science. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have confirmed that doing shrooms does in fact open your mind, make you one with everything, reveals your subconscious, lets you speak to your higher self or whatever you want to call it.

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Watch Salvador Dalí’s fake documentary about the quest for hallucinogenic mushrooms

In 1976, one-time Dune actor Salvador Dalí starred in the surrealist documentary Impressions de la haute Mongolie (Impressions of Upper Mongolia), a travelogue of his mission to Mongolia to find a particular fungal hallucinogen.


Nightmare fuel: “A Day in the Park”

Remember kids, eating random mushrooms in the park will probably lead to death, not just scary trips with demons.

First medical marijuana, now medical magic mushrooms? Yes sir, I like where this is going

Just as medical marijuana and even the idea of legalized or decriminalized marijuana is making headway in the US comes the news that psilocybin, the active ingredient in shrooms may go a long way in helping with serious anxiety. Where does one sign up?

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Your fat, naked Jew tripping on shrooms in the desert video of the day

I know, fat naked Jews tripping on shrooms in the desert is so passe, but just this one last time.

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