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Morning short films: “Conscience”

A short piece about conscience and the choices we make.

The World’s Smallest Movie: A Boy And His Atom

IBM researchers used a scanning tunneling microscope to move thousands of carbon monoxide molecules (two atoms stacked on top of each other), all in pursuit of making a movie so small it can be seen only when you magnify it 100 million times.

Saturday morning cartoons: ‘Ghost Janitor’, A Peppy Animated Short About a Friendly Spirit Who Cleans Offices After Hours


Short film: “Valse”

A romantic encounter between two snails. Sadly, it takes place in an unfortunate location.

Sunday animated short films: “Duet” by Glen Keane

Glen Keane, the fan-fucking-tastic Disney animator who oversaw The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Tangled, recently released this amazing little animated short to the internet.

IHC After Dark short films: “Aftermath”


my name is maayan, i’m a 3rd year student at Bezalel art academy (israel). i made a short animation movie about- a women coping with here past.

it’s 50’s vibe!

hope you like it and share it.

thank you.


This short video will explain why you’re wasting your life

So why don’t you get off your ass and do something and live life for fuck’s sake?

Afternoon short films: “Mr. Gold”

Mr. Gold is the story of Jose Melendez, a 21-time felon who spent 11 years incarcerated and appeared on the Maury show twice for paternity tests. A street corner promotions man for a jewelry store, he uses his job to bring joy to those passing by while also yearning to help people like him.

IHC After Dark short films: “Meat Sale”

A husband and wife realize they missed the one day only meat sale.

Morning travel short films: “Chasing Myself Around South America”

Funny travel video from my 3-week solo backpacking trip around South America in March 2014.

IHC After Dark short films: “Death Penalty/Verduiveld” - A Belgian horror short film about football

'Death Penalty' is the very first Kuru Film Productions short, made in honour of the upcoming FIFA World Cup. We fully expect our national team to make it big. If not, they are sure to go out with a bang. We start with said bang. GO BELGIUM!

IHC After Dark short films: “Pious Mary”

Based on the controversial story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, Pious Mary is a twisted and surreal modern retelling of that torrid relationship. In the amateur debut of writer and director EJ Moreno, the film is done on a micro-budget with only a week to complete but don’t let that fool you. With it being a hit on social media site Tumblr and video hosting site Vimeo, Pious Mary is a cult classic in the making that even John Waters would chuckle at. Viewers beware!   

IHC After Dark short films: “The Tale of a Monster: Lilith”

Inspired by cult classics like Plan 9 From Outer Space + Frankenhooker, “The Tale of a Monster” is a short film that tells the horrifying and fun story of what happens when Lilith, the creation becomes the Creator. 

IHC After Dark short films: “Living Moments”

"Living Moments" captures everyday life in NYC in stunning revolving bullet time.

The piece was created using 50 Lumia 1020s aligned along a custom arc rig. A proprietary app was created so that the Microsoft Surface can control the Lumia camera settings and trigger a picture. This is the first time a bullet time rig has been created to be 100% mobile.
A behind the scenes video details more of that process: 

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