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And now, here’s the Al Roker shart remix

If you’re a famous weatherman, admitting that you sharted yourself in the White House, expect the internet to return with a goofy remix.

Al Roker confesses he once accidentally sharted at the White House

In an interview on Dateline last night, America’s favorite weatherman Al Roker confessed that after his weight loss surgery in 2002, he was at the White House for some sort of thing when he accidentally sharted his pants. 

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Daily Discussion: Replace a word in a song title or song lyric with the word “shart”

Today’s Daily Discussion is more of a game than a discussion. Take a song title or a single song lyric and change one word to the word “shart”. Because adding “shart” to a song title always makes it 100% more awesome.

Example: “Shart of Glass” by Blondie, “Who Let the Shart Out?” by the Baha Men and “Closer to the Shart” by Journey or… it could be a song lyric. 

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