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Man jumps into Sydney Harbor with a GoPro camera, ends up filming his fist fight with a great white shark

Because everything in Australia wants to kill you, a quick jump in the water turns into this.

Submitted by mountaineermike

Check out the “Too violent for TV” trailer for SHARKNADO

We’re gonna need a bigger… everything

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A guy’s just enjoying a peaceful morning fishing when from out of nowhere… FUCK YOU I’M A SHARK

Watch a shark tank burst open inside a mall in Shanghai

Sixteen people are wounded when a shark-filled aquarium bursts at a shopping mall in Shanghai, sending glass and fish flying, state media reports.

Submitted by dragonprophet

Shark fall from the sky onto a golf course in southern California

It’s not unheard of to have small frogs and small fishes fall from the sky. But sharks are more unusual, even if they are leopard sharks, on the smaller end of the shark spectrum. So when two guys were enjoying an afternoon of golf in San Diego,a shark falling from the sky onto the 12th hole was a bit shocking.

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It’s Shark Week, so here are some of the best shark attacks from movies

We’re going to need a bigger internets.

IHC After Dark: Everything you’ve always wanted to know about sharks


Girl goes fishing, gets an unexpected SHAAAAARK

Keep that shit, the Chinese will buy it for parts for good money.

Watch a shark eat the shit out of a giant squid

Insane footage of a 15 foot long giant squid being eaten by a shark. Al McGlashan had this encounter while filming for the brand new series Big Fish, Small Boats that will hit Australian TV screens later this year’when they encountered the huge squid drifting on the surface.

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