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Afternoon short films: “Eating In”

"Eating In" is a short film about a couple not quite… connecting in the bedroom. Some bad language. 

The #aftersex selfie is a thing now. Thank you, internet. You’re a gem.

Our generation has done it again. We’ve successfully managed to create another way in which we can receive immediate and short-term gratification for doing something nobody actually cares about.

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And now, here’s a video of two tortoises having sex

Gotta watch it with sound on, all the way to the glorious conclusion.

TED talk of the day: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasms

It’s orgasms, it’s science… it’s a sciencegasm!

Porn star Heidi Van Horny is having sex with 23 men to celebrate her 23rd birthday

Instead of getting a cake with 23 candles, this year, porn star Heidi Van Horny, from a long line of Van Hornys, decided she wanted a 23 guy gangbang. It’s the kind of birthday gift idea that only gets better as you get older.

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Oh hooray, there’s an app for Google Glass that lets you watch yourself having sex

You ever wanted to see what you look like having sex in real time? Me neither. But if you have Google Glass now or in the future, there’s apparently an app called Glance that lets you watch yourself doing the nasty. Because that’s what everyone wants. The app lets you watch yourself have sex during the act, from a variety of angles, while wearing Google Glass. You direct the app verbally to let you watch the deed from multiple angles by saying, “Okay Glass, it’s time” and when you’re done, just say “Okay Glass, pull out.”

The charming holiday tale of how a 440 lb virgin sent his 110 lb girlfriend to the hospital

At 21 years old, Gregg Casarona was finally going to do it— finally going to have sex for the first time. His girlfriend, Jen Gerakaris was also excited. He was 300 pounds heavier than her, But the young lovers weren’t going to let things as silly as physics get in the way of their passion. In short order, Jen’s head was clear through the drywall and paramedics were on their way.

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Canada’s Supreme Court just struck down all anti-prostitution laws. Hell yeah Canadian hookers

In a landmark, world changing decision, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the pillar of anti-prostitution laws in the country, basically paving the way for decriminalized brothel prostitution. This allows for greater security and stability for sex workers, and a boon for tourism to Canada. As if their strip clubs weren’t awesome enough, now Canadian hookers. God bless you Canada.

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