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SEGA’s Galaxy Force 2 Super Deluxe Edition

The only way this arcade cabinet could be any cooler is if it had tits.  

Must have: The Sega Dreamcast wristwatch

GEAR Dreamcast Wristwatch
Import Reissue US$168.90; Shipping in June 2013

To celebrate the demise of the Dreamcast, Sega Direct re-releases the Dreamcast wristwatch that was originally sold on D-Direct many moons ago. A silver-colored DC console shell houses the timepiece with a lid that flips upwards by pressing the “eject” button on the lower left side of the console. When a stranger on the street stops you and asks, “Please sir, what time is it?” flick your wrist up, nudge open the DC watch with a gentle tap and impress the stranger with the magnificence of shiny² Dreamcast time telling. With newfound admiration, the stranger will cast his eyes upon you and regard you as a gentleman, a scholar, and a connoisseur of only the finest things that this mortal coil can provide. He will also whisper, “Bravissimo…” in a raspy voice filled with awe.

Preorders ship in late June 2013

In 1991, Sega introduced ‘Time Traveler’, a “holographic” arcade game they hoped would change video games forever

But it didn’t… while the concept was kinda cool, the game sucked, the graphics sucked, the “hologram” was just an image from a CRT monitor projected into a curved mirror and then Street Fighter II came out and for a while, everyone forgot any other arcade games existed.

Video from 1991 on ‘Time Traveler’, the first holographic video game, made by Sega

Oh yeah… I remember seeing stuff about this game. I never played it, but it never looked very exciting. Holo-games never really caught on, with only a very small handful of holographic machines making it into arcades and none of them were very good. Nice try, though.


Sega is adding tits to the PS Vita version of Super Monkey Ball. No, that doesn’t sound desperate at all.

What with Sega on the verge of completely going under, one of their desperate, last ditch efforts to stay alive seems to be adding an “adult” mode to the Vita version of Super Monkey Ball, that replaces the sky backgrounds with Asian bikini models. 


Geekcraft of the day: Sega Master System sofa
French blogger Subby-Kun received this totally awesome Sega Master System-themed sofa as a gift from his girlfriend, Subbinette.

Geekcraft of the day: Sega Master System sofa

French blogger Subby-Kun received this totally awesome Sega Master System-themed sofa as a gift from his girlfriend, Subbinette.


Huge losses, widespread layoffs… is Sega on the brink of going under?

After Sega had to pull out of the hard-fought console wars after the failure of the Dreamcast, it was a sad moment, but at least Sega as a company was still around, still making video games. The problem is that even as just a software company, Sega is still not at all what it used to be, having put out one shitty Sonic game after another until recently. And now it appears that the company itself is on the verge of shutting down.

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Sega Game Gear games are coming to the 3DS Virtual Console

Sega Game Gear will soon be one of the consoles with games on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, adding a little SEGA!!! to the list of consoles that right now is Nintendo-only. 

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Morning music: Radical 16-Bit Music Video Pays Homage to the Sega Genesis

This is “My Mega Drive” by 2080, a righteous little love letter to the Sega Genesis (known as the Sega Mega Drive outside the U.S.) in the form of a catchy chiptune song and 16-bit music video.

Aside from references to great games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Gunstar Heroes, there’s some slick-yet-subtle animation sequences like when the protagonist pushes up his glasses and pumps up his kicks before unleashing huge attacks.

This needs to be a game NOW because I’d play it in a heartbeat.

(via albotas)

Sega’s Dreamcast Collection drops Feb. 22 on Xbox and PC

Good news Dreamcast fans— Sega’s first Dreamcast Collection for the Xbox 360 and PC drops February 22nd with four Dreamcast games. Not the best Dreamcast games, but it’s a start. The collection includes Sega Bass Fishing, Sonic Adventure, Space Channel Part 2 and Crazy Taxi. Hopefully at some point they might release another pack with the original Space Channel, Seaman, Chu Chu Rocket and Jet Grind Radio. 


Dreamcast lives on, gets ported to Android

If you were a fan of the Dreamcast, the good news is that it lives on as it’s been unofficially been ported to Android. There’s been other portable ports of the Dreamcast, but this one is the first one on Android. Check out the video of Crazy Taxi and Dead or Alive 2 running on Android below. Caution: Shitty music.

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Sega unveils piss-controlled urinal video games

But it’s only in Japan. What the hell, I thought Japanese guys peed sitting down? This better come to North America or I’m gonna… I’m gonna… make my own pissing games. Like “try to hit the nice brown leather shoe in the next stall over.”


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