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Evening short films: “Interview With a Time Traveler”

A journalist interviews a time traveler in this compelling sci-fi short film starring The Knick’s Eric Johnson.

Sunday night short films: “Exit Log”, a really cool sci-fi short not about poop

The award winning short film series returns with Academy Award® Winning Writer Geoffrey Fletcher’s new script. One of Five Films based on the same outline script, Exit Log is a stunning sci-fi short set in 2249. Two space engineer’s journey through deep space takes a dramatic turn when they discover an emergency message from the past. Can they decipher the message and decide their fate forever?

Science fiction stories with good astronomy and physics

This is a selective list of some short stories and novels that use more or less accurate science and can be used for teaching or reinforcing astronomy or physics concepts. Included are both traditional “science-fiction” and (occasionally) more serious fiction that derives meaning or plot from astronomy or physics ideas.

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Nigerian sci-fi of the day: “The Day They Came”

Made with almost no budget, the charmingly shitty Nigerian way. Enjoy.


Awesome sci-fi short of the day: “Legacy”

A short film by Grzegorz Jonkajtys featuring an alien who stops briefly on our planet to collect a human for his collection.


Legendary sci-fi author Ray Bradbury dies at the age of 91

Ray Bradbury, the author of such sci-fi classics as Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles, died today at the age of 91. Truly a sad day for science fiction and the world, but we’ll always have his stories.

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Daily Discussion: What is the future of science fiction?

Science fiction has never really been about predicting the future as much as it’s about explaining the present. Since sci-fi first appeared in the late 1800s, it has undergone a number of distinct eras based on social attitudes of the time. It’s now 12 years into the 21st century— what will sci-fi look like in the future and how has it already changed in the new millenium?

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Daily Discussion: Let’s write some shitty sci-fi

Just spit out the awful sci-fi lines as they come out of your head. Let’s see what sort of absolute stupidity we can create.

I’ll start. Here’s a good opening line:

"I shot my load into the robot, put a 100 in its mouth, patted it on the head and walked out the door. It wasn’t going to be my night."

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