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Saudi woman goes for a drive around Riyadh to prove that women can in fact drive and that driving doesn’t damage a woman’s ovaries

Recently, the Saudi government made a statement that women shouldn’t be driving because driving can “damage their ovaries”. So one Saudi woman, against local laws prohibiting women from driving a car, took to the streets to drive around town. Oddly enough, none of the other drivers seemed to give a shit, and she had to deal with crappy traffic like everyone else. And her ovaries are just fine.


Bing maps may have accidentally revealed the location of a secret drone base in Saudi Arabia

Modern day, widely accessible satellite map technology has allowed people to discover all kinds of things, even things that weren’t supposed to be discovered. Like the above photo, which is supposedly a shot of a secret US drone base in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia starts tracking Saudi women electronically. Well that’s not surprising.

Saudi Arabia isn’t the best place in the world to have lady parts. You can’t leave the house without being almost completely covered, you can’t drive, you can’t travel without a male guardian, and now your whereabouts are being monitored electronically by the government so they can alert your male guardian, husband or male relatives if you’ve decided to leave the country for any reason.

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Saudi Arabia to build the first of several women-only cities

Saudi Arabia the home of Mecca and Medina, and a place where Islamic law is taken very, very seriously. But in a modern world, it becomes harder for women to try and exert modern freedoms without clashing with a strict Islamic separation of the sexes. So Saudi Arabia’s plan, which sounds like something out of a piece of dystopian sci-fi, is to create several industrial cities that are female-only, where women can work, shop and live freely with less restrictions.

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Saudi Arabian baboons kidnap puppies and keep them as pets

You might want to skip the first two heartbreaking minutes of kidnapping and fast forward to the video of grown up dogs acting a family members/security guards. Who knew? Apes just love having pets.


Saudi Arabia: Letting women drive will lead to a shortage of virgins


Despite international pressure and criticism, Saudi Arabia is resisting moving into the 20th century by retaining the national ban on women drivers. To solidify this stance, a high level advisory group warned the kingdom that lifting the ban would result in a shortage of virgins. Because letting women drive makes them sluts.

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Driving like an idiot in Saudi Arabia is all fun and games til you hit a bus head on

There’s hundreds and hundres of videos out there of stupid young rich Saudi guys driving like morons— granted, morons with some pretty good driving skill— but morons nonetheless. And in almost all of these, while there’s some close calls, no one’s injured. Except this time. The video isn’t graphic until you learn that both people in the car died from this. 

Not even once. And especially not while waving AK-47s out the window. And they’re worried about women drivers?


What could make Saudi trick driving even crazier? Assault rifles.

Young Saudi men have become famous across the internet for their insane trick driving on Saudi roads. Too much money, with powerful cars and too much time on their hands and all that… But what could make these driving stunts even more dangerous? Oh, I don’t know… adding assault rifles into the mix?


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Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower, the future tallest building ever, gets an official design

Right now, the tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, UAE, but as world’s tallest buildings go, it won’t be the world’s tallest for long. At some point, that honor will go to the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia. 

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Saudi Arabia really really really doesn’t want women getting the idea they’re allowed to drive

Last week, Saudi woman Manal al-Sharif posted a video on YouTube of herself driving in defiance of Saudi law that forbids women from getting behind the wheel of a car. She was arrested on Sunday, but the story doesn’t end there. The original video was removed from YouTube due to some fake complaint, a 12,000 member strong Facebook group in protest of the law was taken down and a Twitter account that spoofed Manal’s own convinced people that any protest was off.

Saudi women have been trying to use modern social media tools to put public pressure on the Saudi government and the Saudi government has retaliated by removing any effort to organize on the web. 

Here’s my two cents: Fuck you, Saudi Arabia.


At a mile high, Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Tower will make the Burj Khalifa look like a shack

What do you do if you’re Saudi Arabia, sitting on more money than any nation on Earth has ever had and you don’t feel comfortable in this day and age funding terrorists to highjack planes? Why, you blow $30 billion on a mile high skyscraper.

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Mariah Carey’s bare shoulders are too much for Saudi Arabian sensibilities

Saudi Arabian versions of Mariah Carey’s album covers have been retouched to be less sexy. Some say it’s fake as the source of these pics is not clear and they could have been created by any photoshopper… So if you’ve got some info about these modified album covers, don’t hesitate to share it…


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Gigantic clock unveiled in Mecca, proposals to replace GMT with Mecca Time

On the first day of Ramadan, the first chimes came out of the enormous Makkah Clock in the middle of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The clock tower is the world’s largest, coming in a six times the six of Big Ben in the UK. It’s also at the center of a new proposal from Saudi Arabia that Makkah Time replace GMT as the universal standard center point.

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A Pan-Arab TV station does a report on weird Japanese toilets

Don’t worry Arab world, it’s not just you. Everybody’s confused about Japan.


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