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Saturday morning cartoons: ‘Ghost Janitor’, A Peppy Animated Short About a Friendly Spirit Who Cleans Offices After Hours


Saturday morning cartoons: “JohnnyExpress”

The amusing adventures of the laziest guy in outer space.

Saturday morning cartoons: “Birnenbaum (Pear Tree)”

The rabbit wants a pear but can’t reach it. Maybe the bear can help. You find find more shorts at

Saturday morning cartoons: “Spoofs 4: Titanfall Detective X”

Titanfall goes Cake Boss, Wolverine gets an extreme makeover,  there’s a bubble bath killer in True Detective & shit gets real in Green is the New Black. 

Saturday morning cartoons: “Good-Bye Galaxy”

The bridge has so many uses. It’s not just a sparking killing machine…

Saturday morning comics: The Common Room Animation Project

The Common Room Animation Project is a collaboration between 13 animators and spoken-word artist Talia Randall.

Inspired by the piece ‘Common Room’, each of the animators took on a segment of the poem, and worked on it with complete creative freedom.

The poem itself speaks of experiences that are very personal, and yet universal. Therefore, we chose to collaborate on a film which enables several designers and animators to share their personal views, experiences and interpretation of the poem.

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