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Rocky Horror spoof from the 1980s has Ronald Reagan as Dr. Frank-N-Furter

The 80s were a weird and wonderful time, where there were things like this going on… a spoof of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in which an innocent young couple are seduced through song and dance and sequins to become conservatives.

This is only part one of two, click through the video for more.


Make a bid on the vial of Ronald Reagan blood, get the chance to clone your own Reagan

There’s only one day left to put in your bid for a truly unique piece of American history— a vial of Ronald Reagan’s blood, collected when he was shot by wannabe assassin John Hinkley. The auction has raised the ire of many Reagan fans, but if you’re the winner, you could always build your very own Ronald Reagan Jurassic Park on some tropical island somewhere. Surely nothing could go wrong.

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John Hinckley wants to be known for his music, not as the guy who shot Reagan. Maybe he should have thought about that before he shot Reagan.

John Hinckley, Jr is still in prison, where he’ll probably be for a long time, but according to his lawyer, he’s now medicated and not crazy anymore. And in his not crazy spare time, he likes to write songs and paint landscapes, two pursuits he wishes he could become known for instead of ya know, that other thing… that whole trying to kill Ronald Reagan thing.

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Ronald Reagan says that being in a union is a basic right

If you’re not familiar with American politics, here’s a general primer regarding unions: Democrats are very pro-union and most of the major unions are pro-Democrat, because they scratch each others back. For this reason, Many Republicans aren’t particularly fond of the big unions, which is what so many people are pissed off about right now in Wisconsin— they’ve got a Republican governor who’s screwing over public employee unions. But wait, what’s this? Ronald Reagan, AKA Republican Jesus, talking about how unionization is a basic right.


Good news, a Ronald Reagan feature film biopic is going into production

Ronald Reagan started his life in the public eye in Hollywood before he went into politics and ascending to the presidency and now he’s coming back to Hollywood in the form of a feature film biopic that’s scheduled to start production this year. The movie will be shot for $40 million and will be based on two best-selling biographies of the U.S. president by Paul Kengor: The Crusader and God and Ronald Reagan. Producer Mark Joseph optioned the books four years ago, and he brought in Ralph Winter and Jonas McCord to write the script with him.

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