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New Zealand schoolchildren encouraged to dress up roadkill for competition

In New Zealand, they’re bringing back the art of dressing up dead possums in dresses with the help of schoolchildren. these furry corpses formed part of a display at a school in New Zealand which held a bizarre best-dressed dead possum competition as part of a fundraising day. Children let their imaginations run wild when they dressed the dead animals in all their finery for the contest at Uruti School on New Zealand’s North Island.

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And now, here’s a guy eating a dead fox on the side of the road

Because when you’re hungry, you’re hungry. Or when you just want to rack up a bunch of YouTube views, you’ll do anything, including eating dead roadkill.

Pregnant woman finds herself with a craving for roadkill

Pregnant women are known for developing all sorts of odd cravings, but 42 year old Alison Brierly, a taxidermist from the UK has developed a taste for her work with her recent pregnancy, having developed a strange desire to chow down on roadkill.

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