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Rift comes to Origin today, pick it up for just $19.99

EA secured several new game studios on its Origin platform recently, with a bunch of new titles showing up today on the Origin store, including Rift for just $19.99.

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Deal of the Day: Get Rift for only $4.99 until 10/19

When Rift came out, it did so to much fanfare and lots of praise. If you’ve been meaning to try Rift, but haven’t yet gotten around to it, from now until October 19, you can get Rift for just $5. That’s the same price as that venti caramel frappuccino you’re currently sucking down.

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Building a rogue in Rift

One of the big things that Rift has going for it, that many Rift players love about the game is its incredibly versatility in creating your character class. From one of four class archetypes (Warrior, Cleric, Rogue or Wizard), players then create a highly specific build from combining three different soul trees. So unlike WoW, where a rogue is always melee DPS, in Rift, you can have a rogue that’s a teleporting sniper or a buffing support member or a stealthy stabber. Here’s a breakdown of some rogue combinations you might utilize if roguery is your kind of thing.


If you play Rift, there’s now an IHC Rift guild

We’ve had a number of people ask about the possibility of an IHC Rift guild, and now we’ve got one. 

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Rift’s endgame rift raids detailed in 18 minutes

The first time I talked about Rift, I mentioned that I hadn’t played it and I had heard lots of good things about it, but that I wasn’t impressed with the art style. Well in this 18 minute video, a GM one-mans a spontaneous rift raid to show off some of the endgame content and it looks really fucking good. Also, I like how the basic UI is very similar to WoW. It doesn’t seem to reinvent the wheel just for the sake of reinventing the wheel, but assumes that you’ve already gotten a well-established method of playing a fantasy MMO.


All the cool MMO kids are talking about Rift, so we are too

While we’re busy getting our WoW characters up to 85 and kicking ass on our DCUO heroes and villains, there’s a brand new MMO in town that you may have seen or heard about— Rift. Trion Worlds has definitely spent a lot of money on advertising a game that’s still currently in closed beta, as you’ve probably seen the banner ads all over the internet, but what’s the deal anyway?

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