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Good news… you can now pay for a trip to space via Virgin Galactic with bitcoins

Taking one more giant leap towards legitimacy, Virgin Galactic announced last week that they will be accepting bitcoins as payment for a flight into outer space. Take a trip of the future with the currency of the future. Ahead of its first trips next year, Virgin Galactic has already had one “future astronaut” from Hawaii book a Bitcoin-funded ticket and hopes that its affluent clientele will follow suit.


Good news… Richard Branson is shooting Justin Bieber into space

Justin Bieber tweeted today that he and his manager Scooter Braun will be going into space aboard Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic suborbital plane. Yes, it is a round trip. Fuck.

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Sir Richard Branson loses a bet, dresses up a female flight attendant. You’ll never get this image out of your head.

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Richard Branson is determined to start a human population on Mars

Of the several billionaires pushing for private space exploration, none seems to be as romantically enthusiastic as Virgin founder Richard Branson. He not only wants to ferry people into orbit or to the moon, he wants to be the one to start the first human colony on Mars.

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Now serving on Virgin Atlantic: Ice cubes in the shape of Richard Branson’s head

Virgin Atlantic has consistently received high marks from customers on its comfort and service, but now there’s one more extra for Virgin Atlantic fliers to look forward to— ice cubes in your drink in the shape of Richard Branson’s head. The special ice cubes are only available in bar drinks for first class customers, so that’s definitely worth the extra price. Ish.

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Richard Branson launches Virgin Volcanic to journey to the center of the Earth

He’s conquered the skies with Virgin airlines, he’s going to be taking people into space with Virgin Galactic and now Richard Branson wants to take people to the molten center of the Earth by 2015 with Virgin Volcanic.

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Richard Branson: “Time to end the war on drugs”

More and more, high profile people keep coming out against the War on Drugs policies in the US, including some members of law enforcement. Ricard Branson recently wrote a great piece on his blog on the Virgin corporate website on why Portugal’s highly permissive drug laws are a far better solution than the overly aggressive drug policies in America and other places.

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Not content with outer space, Richard Branson launches Virgin Oceanic to take tourists to the bottom of the sea

Billionaire entrepreneur and adventurer Richard Branson has already gone to the outer reaches of Earth’s atmosphere with Virgin Galactic. And now he’s launching Virgin Oceanic that will take tourists on five dives to the deepest parts of the ocean in a specially designed craft called the DeepFlight Challenger (above).

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Richard Branson’s Project Magazine is the magazine… OF THE FUTURE

Richard Branson recently launched the first issue of Project Magazine, a digital-only publication that seamlessly integrates text, photos, video and animation into a truly futuristic magazine experience. That’s the cover of the first issue up above. 

$2.99 via iTunes

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