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After 31 years, REM officially calls it quits

REM has been out of the mainstream spotlight for a few years, even as they’ve continued to put out albums. But yesterday, the band announced that after 31 years, the alternative pioneers are breaking up. This apparently has nothing to do with Michael Stipe posting his dick on Tumblr (NSFW).

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Wanting to get in on the celebrity nude action, Michael Stipe posts his own on his website. Um… sure. (NSFW)

Most of the celebrity nudes are leaked or hacked or generally aren’t on purpose. Michael Stipe however, decided I guess… “Fuck it” and posted his own celebrity nudes on his Tumblr blog. NSFW, and no “Why did I click?”. Because you wanted to see Michael Stipe’s wiener, that’s why.

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REM’s got a brand new album “Collapse Into Now”, and you can hear it for free on NPR

I’m a big REM fan, but I admit that I had lost touch with the band for a number of years. Hell, I had to look up when their last album was and was surprised to find that it was 2008, with Accelerate. I guess I’ll have to look that one up, because the last one I remember was Reveal in 2001 and it seems like at the time, I thought it was sort of okay, but not as good as some of their earlier stuff. But with the release of Collapse Into Now, I think I’m back on the REM bandwagon. 

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A guy with serious Tourette’s singing REM’s “Losing My Religion” on karaoke

And so this is what that looks like.


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