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Just fill this out, drop it in the mail and you’re part of the cool people club.

Just fill this out, drop it in the mail and you’re part of the cool people club.

Holy shit! A trailer for Dark Dungeons, a new movie based on Jack Chick’s legendary 1984 tract about the dangers of Dungeons & Dragons and other role playing games

The 100 most and lest bible-minded cities in the US. Where does your city stack up?

I live right in the middle of the two cities listed in number 3. Ugh.. at least I know when I move next time it can’t get much worse.

See the full list here, based on a survey conducted by the American Bible Society

And now, here are some wax recordings of Aleister Crowley from around 1920

Now you can listen to wax cylinder recordings of Aleister Crowley (The Great Beast!) that were first transferred to 78s and now reissued on an LP from Suitable records. Enjoy such great moments as The Coll Of The Second Aethyr (in Enochian, aka angel language!) and “Hymn To The American People.”


"Flying Korans kill infidel Salman Rushdie with lightnings and fire."

Sums up this madness pretty well

That time Jim Bakker interviewed Colonel Sanders about fried chicken and the good lord

Yeah, you read that right. Just watch the video.

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