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Project update: My 3d-printed Fuck-Bot 5000 is complete!

Some of you may remember my project from last month, where I intended to make a working model of Red Letter Media’s Fuck-Bot 5000 character. It’s finished, and I just shipped it out to RLM this morning! The model itself took about 45 hours of printing and prototyping before I settled on this much bigger size. I also put about 30-40 hours into painting, circuit design, Arduino programming, and assembly. It ended up being a massive project, but I think the end result was pretty damned good. 

My ongoing project: An accurate 3d model of Red Letter Media’s Fuck-Bot 5000 character

Fuck-Bot 5000 is a reoccurring character in some of Red Letter Media’s videos (here’s a compilation of his appearances). For whatever reason, I find the character to be hilarious. So, I decided to deisgn, 3d-print, and build my own working Fuck-Bot 5000.

The electronics are running off of an Arduino Uno. Once some parts arrive, I’ll be adding audio playback. DON’T JUDGE ME!

Don’t have time to catch up on the three previous Transformers movies before friday? Just watch them all at once with Red Letter Media.

If you thought Michael Bay action movies were cookie cutter, you haven’t seen how accurate that actually is.

Red Letter Media rips apart Star Trek: Into Darkness

Spoilers ahead obviously, but Mr. Plinkett from Red Letter Media rips the new Star Trek movie a new space asshole.

A little Friday-night movie fun: Best of the Worst ep. 1

The guys (and gals) at Red Letter Media have released episode one of their new show, Best of the Worst, and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.They pick 3 bad movies, watch them, and then determine the winner and loser. And then the worst movie has something horrible done to it. Come for the Russian Terminator, stay for the John Stamos Bond-style flick with Gene Simmons playing a hermaphroditic bad guy in drag. 

Red Letter Media offers their opinions on The Hobbit

I really enjoyed The Hobbit, even though I still think it might have been better as one movie instead of three. But this is a RLM review, so they’re going to crap all over whatever you thought of the film. While they’re not entirely correct in this review, it is fucking hilarious.

If you want more Prometheus analysis, here is Red Letter Media’s 24 minute review

We’ve already had a couple very lively discussions about Prometheus, but if you want a different point of view, here is Red Letter Media’s awesome review. It covers plot holes, unanswered questions, parts that were perplexing and questions on the Alien franchise in general.

Submitted by Delsyd

Red Letter Media’s review of Red Tails

In which the guys from Red Letter Media proceed to shit all over George Lucas’ project of passion and make George Lucas cry.

Submitted by Delsyd

From Red Letter Media… it’s SPACE COP

He’s a cop. From space. He comes from the future, to the past. And he likes hot dogs. He’s… SPACE COP.

Submitted by InformationDesk

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