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IHC Movie Reviews: Red Dawn (2012)

Red Dawn, a remake of the 1984 action flick of the same name is in theaters now. The original, released at the height of the Cold War seemed very real, and that’s where a lot of the films momentum comes from. Almost 30 years later, with no real threats on the horizon, how can a remake instill the same feelings, or does it fail to do so? Does it carry on the proud name of the Wolverines, or should it have accepted the takeover peacefully?

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Check out the trailer for the Red Dawn remake

It’s got spiffy effects, but after the Chinese government complained about the villains being Chinese, they were changed to North Koreans. Because North Korea absolutely has the ability to launch a full-scale invasion of the US with their cardboard planes.


In-progress Red Dawn remake being retooled with North Korean armies instead of Chinese. Don’t wanna piss of the Chinese

If someone would have asked me first, I would have said that a Red Dawn remake is stupid in the first place, but now, apparently with pressure from the Chinese government, the movie is being reworked so that instead of being invaded by China, America will be invaded by North Korea. Because that sounds totally plausible, and is probably something North Korea would be able to pull off.

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