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Custom made RC Superman patrols the California coast

"I was cycling down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in S.Cal with my buddy and during our casual conversation, we had to stop because Superman flew overhead. We pulled up just in time to watch him land, and after a quick battery change, I grabbed the only thing I had on me, my cell phone, and recorded the second flight… its a custom built, so I’m not sure you can buy it anywhere - but how cool… it even had a cape!!"

Aerial tour of New York City via remote controlled plane

Team Black Sheep did what one might think is impossible in this day and age— making a tour of New York City via a remote controlled plane. According to them, this thing is possible through a lot of planning and a lot of professionalism with authorities who might freak out if they got buzzed by an RC plane strapped with cameras and electronics. NYC’s been a seriously jumpy hair-trigger place since you-know-what.


Holy shit it’s a 400 mph RC airplane

Jesus holy moly how… how do you actually fly it, how do you get clearance to fly it and how many houses did this plane explode into the side of before he got this right?


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