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Evening music videos: Watsky “Whoa Whoa Whoa”

Brand new kick ass single from Watsky from album due out in August.

Eminem is bringing big league rap battles to pay-per-view

Calling it “the next great American sports league”, Total Slaughter is a project headed by Eminem to bring the glory, verbal wizardry and mic dropping to America and the world. If you’ve seen 8 Mile, you know that Eminem honed his skills in rap battles around Detroit to escape the shittiness of Kim Basinger, so now he has even bigger dreams of being the Don King/Simon Cowell of the American rap battle scene.

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Epic Rap Battle of the Day: Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye puts the epic in Epic Rap Battles

Weird Al as Newton, it just doesn’t get any more epic than that. Actually, it does, but you have to wait for it.

IHC After Dark: Reh Dogg - I’m Jerkin’ Off

I thought this was going to be a straightforward rap song about a guy enjoying masturbation time, but it has themes that have disturbed me beyond repair. He’s totally impossible to get along with. Enjoy.

Let this clever rap battle guide you towards either a PS4 or Xbox One

What’s better, the PS4 or Xbox One? Oliver Age 24 and Boyinaband rap battle to the death to decide!

Weekend beats: Rhett & Link here “I’m a Textpert (Rap Battle).”

Are you a “Textpert?” Have you ever gotten “textually active” while driving? Well, if you answered yes but haven’t witnessed a rap battle about texting & driving, you might be doing it wrong; so you should definitely check out our new video.

"I’m a Textpert" features YouTubers Steve Kardynal (Chatroulette music videos),  iJustine, Olga Kay, FunForLouis, and SoulPancake (Rainn Wilson) darling HunanPenguin. 

Brand new Christmas jamz: ItsTheReal “Jews for Jesus Piece”

I’m calling it… this is the new Jingle Bells.

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