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Afternoon music: Oh, it’s just Weezer. Covering Radiohead’s Paranoid Android.


No big deal.

Afternoon music: Frank Ocean sings “Fake Plastic Trees”

Frank Ocean does his own interpretation of Radiohead, from a Spotify event last month.

Afternoon musical moment of zen: Radiohead “Feral/The King of Limbs”

An awesome, trippy fan made Radiohead music video.

Submitted by snarf-prime

Morning music: 8-bit Radiohead

Above is an 8-bit chiptune version of ‘OK Computer’ in its entirety. If you dig that, you can also listen to an 8-bit version of Kid A here.

Submitted by InformationDesk

This Cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” Will Make Your Ears Orgasm

Carrie Manolakos, a former Broadway actress who made her mark as Sophie Sheridan in Mamma Mia!, is promoting her upcoming debut album Echo with the release of a climactic “Creep” cover she performed earlier this month at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village.

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Afternoon music: “Karma Police” on bass guitar by Tom Morgan

Naaaailed it.

Thom Yorke bangs a washing machine with a dead fish

Submitted a couple days ago by an anonymous IHCer, he says that a friend of his (hers?) made this remix from the weird Thom Yorke dancing video that we posted last week. 

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