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Legendary radio broadcaster, member of the Scooby Doo gang, Casey Kasem signs off at the age of 84

A couple weeks ago, Casey Kasem was admitted to the hospital in critical condition after his wife hit him with a piece of raw meat. And today, at the age of 84, the legendary radio and TV personality, as well as the voice of Shaggy in the older Scooby Doo cartoons, signed off for the last time. It appears that raw meat thrown at his head was Casey Kasem’s kryptonite.

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Radio host nutjob Alex Jones on why “Nerds are the biggest threat to America”

Alex Jones, you always make sense. Yup, totally logical guy.

Australian PM Julia Gillard addresses the world on the edge of the apocalypse

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is not only a firebrand, she’s also a good sport. In this promo for radio station Triple J, Ms. PM has fun with the Mayan Apocalypse thing with this address to the end of the world.

Avant garde performance artist Glenn Beck selling a jar of his own piss with an Obama figure inside

Just because Glenn Beck isn’t on Fox anymore doesn’t mean he’s any more sane. In a beret and with a bad French accent, the conservative radio host showed off a jar of his own urine (at least he says it is), with a little Obama toy inside. 

Beck has put his artwork up for sale for $25,000 and if it sells, he says he’s going to do another with Michelle Obama.


Teenager from Sierra Leone impresses MIT with his home-built, spare parts radio station

At any age, what Kelvin Doe has managed to accomplish would be remarkable. The self-taught inventor from Sierra Leone literally goes through the trash to find parts to build batteries, a generator and an entire home FM radio station, under his on-air identity is DJ Focus. And he is only 15. Doe’s feats were brought to the attention of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, leading to his invitation to the university’s Visiting Practitioner’s Program — the youngest participant in its history. Even more impressive, Doe’s feats have real-life applications. Because a consistent source of electricity his hard to come by in many parts of Sierra Leone, Doe has also produced batteries to light homes in his neighborhood.


Hulk Hogan talking to Howard Stern about how he should be in Expendables 3

Hulk Hogan recently went on Howard Stern, mainly to talk about a recent sex tape of him and a friend of his wife… but while he was airing his shame to a national audience, he also mentioned his illustrious acting career (Mr. Nanny? Really?), how he was supposed to have had the lead in ‘The Wrestler’ before Mickey Rourke got the part (total bullshit) and how he really wants to be in Expendables 3.


StarTalk Radio needs your help

As the public funding for Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s amazing podcast starts to trickle away, the show is looking for new sponsors. At some point, they may start a Kickstarter, but right now, if you’ve got a business and you want to sponsor StarTalk Radio, here’s your chance.

After 30 years on the air, the Car Talk guys retire from the radio

Ever since 1976, brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi have been giving out helpful car advice with a lot of laughs. Their show, Car Talk, has been a top-rated program since it’s hit NPR stations 25 years ago, and now the brothers have announced that in October, they’ll be retiring from the radio.

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Listen to Bill Murray as the Human Torch in a 1975 Fantastic Four radio play

Back in 1975, this was one of Bill Murray’s earlier roles, reading the role of the Human Torch alongside Stan Lee in a radio play of Fantastic Four versus the Mole Men. Aaaawesome.

Listen to part 2 here



A Little Bit On The Mighty Thor Side: Chris Hemsworth reads some uncomfortable news on the radio show Capital Breakfast while staying in character as Thor. Mighty, indeed.

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The world’s first ‘car phone’ from the 1920s

While not technically a “cell phone”— that technology wouldn’t be invented until the 1970s— inventors in the 1920s still liked to tinker with the technology of radio to come up with things that might change people’s lives. One of these was this walkie talkie like car phone that could send and receive messages on the go. Hot shit.

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Last night, Howard Stern spent his New Year’s Eve drunk dialing his fans

In his many, many years of radio, Howard Stern has gotten used to dealing with drunk fans calling the studio, drunk guests and drunk porn stars. But last night, Stern got shitfaced, went to Twitter and starting asking for phone numbers from his fans so he could give them drunken New Year’s wishes.

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NPR game show “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me” is coming to TV

NPR’s popular comedic panel quiz show “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me”, which has been a staple of weekend radio for decades is finally coming to TV. The new “Wait Wait” show will show on BBC America starting in December.

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