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And now, here’s a baby dwarf rabbit


Really cute earless German bunny squashed by careless cameraman. THERE IS NO GOD.


After a rare, earless bunny at a zoo in Germany became a celebrity, its fame was ironically its ultimate downfall. While a news crew was at the zoo to film the bunny, a hapless camera man accidentally stepped on the rabbit, sqaushing it dead.

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Help name my Christmas rabbit

My wife got me a rabbit for Christmas, but for the life of me, I can’t think of a name for her. Please, IHC, help me name my bunny!

IHC After Dark: BB the Bunny

BB’s the best damn Christmas tree decorating bunny youll see today.

IHC After Dark: And now, here’s some trained rabbits going through an obstacle course

Because rabbits.

Submitted by Mrs. CBZ


Okay, so it’s not quite as awesome as it sounds. A rabbit born without ears in the Fukushima exclusion zone has many residents panicking that the harmful radiation levels are far higher than they’ve been told. No surprise there. But it’s sort of disappointing that this story is about a small earless rabbit and not a 200 foot tall green glowing bunny bearing down on Tokyo. Sigh… movies let me down again.


Morning short films: “Carrot vs Ninja”

That rabbit may look cute, but looks are deceiving.

Unfortunate, yet adorable, Paraplegic Bunny

Don’t worry… don’t be sad. The paraplegic bunny now has a new set of back wheels. Yes, there will be an Easter again next year.

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