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Behind the scenes of this year’s Puppy Bowl IX

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, but it’s also the day of the ninth Puppy Bowl, which will be airing on Animal Planet at 6pm EST. So if you’re not big on puppies, there’s always cute puppies tugging with chew toys.

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Just thought you might need some cuteness today, so here’s a pug puppy

You cannot resist the cuteness, so don’t even try.

Headline of the week: “Steven Seagal sued for driving tank into Arizona home, killing puppy”

Steven Seagal’s thing of pretending to be a real life law enforcement badass is funny enough, but add in the element of him accompanying Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio on an animal cruelty raid where someone decided it would be a good idea to give Seagal a tank… comedy gold. That turned into ironic tragedy, as Seagal accidentally crashed the tank into a house and killed a puppy.

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Bosnian puppy drowning bitch tracked down and reported to the local police

The young woman whose cruel video of throwing puppies in river caused outrage all over the internet recently has been tracked down by 4chan and after reports to agencies in Bosnia were contacted and the girl and her parents have been questions by local police. There’s no word yet as to how she might be punished.

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Crazy bitch throwing puppies into a river. Caution: Difficult to watch, but the internet is on the case

Part of me really hates to post this, but the hatred of the woman in the video burns even hotter, so I think it’s important to get out there. You don’t have to watch it, but you might want to know that Reddit and 4chan are on the case and it won’t be long before she gets her just desserts.

Website of the Day: Puppies Like Rockstars

An awesome blog with puppies that look like rockstars! What’s wrong? Your manliness won’t let you look at pictures of puppies in sunglasses and scarves? Man up and take a load off and look at some cute shit.

Fashonista Puppies

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