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IHC After Dark: This crocodile singing in Arabic

I don’t know what this singing crocodile is saying but I enjoy it. 

IHC After Dark music: Klumzy Tung “Don’t Get Me Down”

it’s a d’n’b-weed-tune with puppets in it… I hope you guys like it!

Greets from austria

Learn how to make puppets from the Jim Henson Creature Workshop

The talented Holly Conrad and Jessica Merizan have their own show on The Nerdist channel where they usually teach cosplay tips or other DIY projects. This time around they had the opportunity to learn how to make puppets from Julie Zobel of the Jim Henson Creature Shop.


Watch the first episode of Neil Patrick Harris’ new web series “Neil’s Puppet Dreams”

When Neil Patrick Harris dreams, he dreams in puppets. And this is pretty much what it’s like. Welcome to NPH’s head.

I don’t want to believe: Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash accused of sex crimes with a minor

While Elmo isn’t my favorite Muppet ever, Kevin Clash is one of my favorite puppeteers ever. So I don’t even think I want to believe the accusations now facing him, that he had a sexual relationship with a minor. Kevin Clash is awesome and can do no wrong, dammit.

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Happy 76th birthday, Jim Henson

Today is Jim Henson’s birthday… he would’ve been 76. The man redefined generations of kids’ entertainment and changed the world. There won’t be another Jim Henson for 100 generations.

Jerry Nelson, one of the original Muppeteers, dead at 78

Nelson’s credits on Muppets were generally supporting characters like Camilla the Chicken, Sgt. Floyd Pepper of Electric Mayhem or Lew Zealand. In Fraggle Rock he played the lead Fraggle, Gobo, and in Sesame Street he was Sherlock Hemlock, Count Von Count, and Mr. Snuffleupagus. This short list of more well known characters does little to illustrate the involvement he had with Jim Henson since the very beginning of the Muppets, and his more stand out characters took advantage of his singing voice. He was last heard as an announcer in 2011’s The Muppets.


IHC Puppet Theater: Neil Gaiman meets Alan Moore

This is a little video that two friends of mine do with Puppet Neil Gaiman and Puppet Alan Moore. Well, today Neil Gaiman saw it and tweeted about it!! 

Here’s the link to his tweet: 

Website of the day: Doctor Who Puppet
A Tumblr blog that’s nothing but photos of a cool looking Matt Smith 11th Doctor doll hanging around New York.

Website of the day: Doctor Who Puppet

A Tumblr blog that’s nothing but photos of a cool looking Matt Smith 11th Doctor doll hanging around New York.


And now, here’s a finger puppet biography of Marie Curie

Worth watching the whole thing, whether you’re already an expert on Marie Curie or not. Don’t worry, the puppet isn’t radioactive.

IHC After Dark: The farting puppets of Danish children’s television

And yet I can’t help but think that all TV shows need farting puppets.

IHC After Dark: “Felt Up: A vomit story retold with puppets”

A man, 3 bottles of hard liquor, vomit and a certain crevasse.

Submitted by Simon G.

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