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North Korea makes a video to show what it will look like when it kicks the crap out of South Korea

In its campaign to be the world’s biggest delusional dickholes, the North Korea government created a shitty video to show its population and the rest of the world what it will look like when it invades South Korea and kicks the shit out of Southern and American forces. Lulz.

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Awesomely insane North Korean propaganda film about life in America

Where it snows all the time, we’ve eaten all the birds, everyone lives in leaky tents, we’re all violent drug addicts and the government feeds us coffee made from snow.

IHC After Dark: This old Soviet cartoon

I don’t know exactly what this is, but it’s Soviet and trippy as hell.

IHC After Dark: Leaked anti-western propaganda from North Korea.

I know this is long, but it’s worth a look. It’s a disturbingly accurate account of us. The tape was given to a guy from South Korea on a trip to the North. He was told it needed to be translated into English and put on the internet. And so he did, not because the translator is complicit in the propaganda, but because it’s just so bizarre.

Senate to vote on bill that would allow military propaganda directed towards American citizens

Right now, the US military is free to use a wide variety of propaganda overseas, but it’s prohibited towards aiming the propaganda machine towards US citizens… and that soon could change if the Senate passes a legislative amendment that strikes down the ban. NOTHING TO SEE HERE, CITIZEN.

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The beauty of retro Soviet space program propaganda

"RussiaTrek’s DeIntegro has assembled a marvelous gallery of mid-century Soviet space-program propaganda posters, showing brave and noble Russians ascending to the heavens on the back of sound socialist rockets."

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Disney propaganda from WWII: “Food Will Win the War”

During World War II, Disney helped to paid the bills and keep the lights on by doing a whole lot of animated PSAs and propaganda for the US government. While I’ve seen quite a few of them, this one is new to me. 


IHC After Dark: As the end of our broadcast day nears, here’s some North Korean patriotic music

"Fuckin USA", the awesome North Korean dance hit of 2001. Now go to bed, comrade.

Awesome North Korean anti-American cartoon from the 1950s

Recently unearthed, this anti-America cartoon out of North Korea in the 1950s may have a stupid message, but the animation is pretty good.


More Wackiness From North Korea: “Forever With Kim Jong Il”

I have what could be described as possibly an unhealthy fascination with North Korea. But why not? It’s probably the most bizarre, backwards nation the world has ever seen— unaffected by time, technology or the advance of human ideals.

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