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Utah wants to bring back execution by firing squad as a more humane alternative to lethal injection

Even though lethal injection has been used in the US for decades as a “more humane” way of sentencing people to death, the practice has come under heavy scrutiny in the past several years as being just the opposite of humane. Chemical mixtures differ by state, chemistry reacts differently in each person, and if the exact things aren’t given at exactly the right time, an inmate may die a horribly painful, violent death instead of being quietly ushered into the great beyond. And even chemicals that are used correctly often cause intense pain to an inmate, even if the person is unable to express it. So as an alternative, Utah wants to bring back the firing squad— it’s quick, it’s pretty much guaranteed to do the job and there’s nothing too complicated about the whole process.

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Motion infographic of the day: Mass Incarceration in the US

Errbody’s going to jail up in here.

In the future, prisoners could be forced to feel like they served a thousand year sentence in eight hours

With future biotechnology, prisons could one day carry out sentences on individuals that only occur in the mind. As in, someone is sentenced to multiple life sentences, or in cases of military torture, the unlucky recipient would have their brain tricked into thinking they’d been imprisoned for a thousand years when it’s only been eight hours. Well isn’t that just wonderful.

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Cat caught trying to smuggle cell phones into a Russian prison

Damn cats… you give them extra visitation rights and they take advantage of it by trying to smuggle cell phones and cell phone chargers into prison.

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IHC After Dark: The crazy world of Orleans Parish Prison

"After courtroom fireworks Tuesday morning from a video depicting drug use, gunplay and beer drinking by inmates inside the Orleans Parish jail complex, and one video showing an inmate hanging out on Bourbon Street, testimony in the week-long hearing over a proposed jail reform package turned to a corrections expert who called inmate violence in the jail the worst he’s seen."

China’s new hit TV show interviews people on death row right before they’re executed

Some people are calling it exploitation, but the production company behind ‘Interviews Before Execution’ say they’re doing a service by giving condemned inmates a chance to be heard before their voices are silenced forever. Whichever it is, the show has become a huge hit in China.

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Should prisoners have the right to masturbate?

Out of all the rights that are taken away when one is put in prison, having some private special time to trigger your personal release valve is one of them. While it obviously does happen in prison, it’s not permitted. Prisoners can get in serious trouble if they’re caught, even if they’re trying to wank in discretion under the sheets. But is masturbation a right that prisoners should have?

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South Korea to start testing robot prison guards

Robots are becoming a little more common over a wide variety of job situations, and now South Korea will be the first in the world to test robots in prison. Yes, here we are in the future, where prisons are guarded by robots.

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So it turns out that hacking open prison cells remotely is fairly easy

Prison doors these days are computer-controlled, with individual doors and entire cell blocks controlled from a central hub, a hub as it turns out that is incredibly vulnerable to being hacked from the outside. Yes, potentially a hacker thousands of miles away could start a prison riot.

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Prisoner builds quite an arsenal of Final Fantasy weapons out of matchsticks

A prisoner serving a sentence in Monmouthshire, Wales has been found to be in possession of an extensive arsenal of bladed weapons, most of which are replicas of weapons from Final Fantasy. Even though the weapons aren’t real, they were still confiscated by prison officials for posing a threat. 

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Daily Discussion: Anyone here been to jail? If so, what was your experience?

First off, to be clear, I’m not trying to get anyone in trouble with anyone here, I’m just curious. I’ve spent the past week watching episodes of National Geographic: Lockdown and it’s been an interesting look at life on the inside, from county lockup to women’s prison to maximum security facilities. So it made me wonder how many IHCers have been locked up and what was your experience? Feel free to comment anonymously if you want.

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Inside California’s severely overcrowded prisons

On May 23, 2011, the US Supreme Court ruled that conditions in California’s prisons violated the constitutional ban on “cruel and unusual punishment” and affirmed a lower court’s order that the state drastically reduce its inmate population.

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The latest security threats in prison: Dungeons and Dragons

There’s lots of shit to look out for in prison— homemade knives, prison wine, ass rape, gang activity, etc— but one thing that’s caused headaches for some prisons is Dungeons and Dragons. You may have heard about this last year, when a lawsuit was filed by some prisoners that had their D&D taken away from them because the prison saw the game as a threat to prison security. Just a couple days ago, the seventh circuit of the US Court of Appeals upheld the ruling in the prison’s favor, that it can ban the game if it deems it a threat and something to encourage gang activity.

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Inmate gets kosher meals in jail after he claims it’s part of his Festivus religious beliefs

If you’re Jewish or Muslim in prison, you can request meals specific to your religious beliefs, and apparently if you claim that you celebrate Festivus, you can get away with it for a little while… at least one Orange County, California inmate discovered.

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