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The future of popcorn is The Popinator

The Popinator shoots popcorn directly into your mouth when you say the word “pop”. Awesomeness. I wonder if this technology can be modified for tacos.

The Oatmeal teams up with JD’s to make Sriracha popcorn

If the webcomic The Oatmeal had its own snack, you might assume it would be oatmeal based, but you’d be thinking too literally. Oatmeal is awesome and The Oatmeal is awesome, but what else is awesome? Sriracha sauce and popcorn.

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Could popcorn be healthier than fruits or vegetables? Mmm popcorn.

When you go to a movie theater and order up a bucket of popcorn, you may not think of it as health food— at least not as healthy as fruits or vegetables. For decades, we’ve had the idea that fruits and vegetables were one of the ideal foods. Where’s popcorn on the nutrition pyramid? Nowhere. But a new study finds that popcorn may be higher in antioxidants than fruits or veggies.

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How to make popcorn with an instant popcorn cannon, the Korean way

If you’re wondering what’s going on here, the popcorn is being cooked under high pressure, keeping the kernels from popping. Right at the very end, he releases the pressure and all the kernels explode at once and voila… fluffy popcorn.


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